I didn’t know that there was a class-action settlement against cosmetics manufacturers who conspired to price-fix. It appears that anyone who bought cosmetics in the last ten years from Estee Lauder, Chanel, Clarins or Givenchy (and that includes dozens of affiliated brands, as listed in the document linked above) is eligible for a freebie worth between $18 and $25.
Ladies, go sign up! (Gents as well, the brands include Aramis and Tommy Hilfiger).



  1. Myria

    It’s a bummer when my principles demand that I ignore such things, especially given that I’ve spent enough at the Estee Lauder counter in the last ten years to start my own cosmetics company.
    Ah well…

  2. Dave J

    Why on earth would your principles demand you ignore such things, Myria? The attorneys purportedly representing you as a member of the class undoubtedly walked away with millions, so the least you could do would be to take the coupons.