As if there were any doubt!

Take the quiz: “Which American City Are You?”

New York
You’re competative, you like to take it straight to the fight. You gotta have it all or die trying.
And judging by the picture, I’m pre-9/11 New York, which also means pre-Bloomberg New York. Yee-ha!
(via Daimnation!)



  1. Karen

    Okay, I want to know the names and addresses of the doofuses (doofi?) who devised this test. They said I’m Cleveland!! Cleveland!! Good grief. I’m going to go drink copious amounts of liquor now and rethink my life.

  2. Alan K. Henderson

    Maybe the quizmeisters think Cleveland is the quintessential nondysfunctional city. As a Texan, I have no opinion on that matter. As for the other cities:
    No way in Hades I’d live in these tax-infested nightmares: New York, Washington DC, San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, Boston
    Lots of glitz, but no culture: Las Vegas, Orlando
    Never been there, but I’d really prefer a state without an income tax: Cleveland
    Never been there: Memphis

  3. Al Maviva

    I’m Cleveland too. I AM blue collar and Rock n Roll. I work hard and party harder
    Goddamit. I’m basicallly a human mullet, apparently.

  4. Sam

    I’ve come out with Washington DC, New York, and Las Vegas at seperate times.
    Trouble with the quiz is they don’t provide the answers *I* would choose, like “Barqs root beer” for favorite beverage, or “Hummer with .50 cal machine gun” for favorite ride.
    Trouble with the city results is:
    A- I’ve too well armed for two of those cities, and..
    B- I don’t gamble.