Coke, pop, or soda?

This map tracks usage of generic terms for fizzy drinks.
That’s fascinating, but what we really need is a map of generic long-roll sandwich terms. Hero, sub, grinder, hoagie, po’boy…and I’m quite sure I haven’t heard them all.
Just for the record, Coke refers only to Coca-Cola ( the brown stuff in the red can) Everything else is soda. And I’ll have a hero with that.
(via Gene Expression)



  1. Dave J

    I’m trying to think of what the green on the map for “other” could be, and also wondering where they got all this county-by-county data from. Oh yeah, and why Alaska is so broken up.

  2. Alan K. Henderson

    It’s amazing how many people hear the work “Coke” and think “Pepsi.” Of course you get that in businesses that are part of the Pepsi Borg Collective, places like KFC/Taco Bell/Pizza Hut and (sadly) Texas Stadium, current home of the Dallas Cowboys.