Banning coal in Newcastle

Well, just as bad. The food-nanny organization CSPI is looking to ban milk in Wisconsin.
Not all milk. Just whole milk and 2 percent. Skim milk and 1 percent are apparently OK.
Specifically, the center is ranting against the dairy industry for supporting the wording of a bill passed by the House of Representatives to reauthorize federal child nutrition programs, including the school lunch program. The bill requires schools to offer milk in a “variety of fat contents.”
What’s wrong with variety? What’s wrong with giving children choices?
The center is aghast because a variety of choices means that some of the milk offered in schools might be – dare we say it? – 2 percent or even whole milk.
Egad! What are we to do?
Ban 2 percent and whole milk from schools, of course, along with the flavored milk drinks that exceed the fat-free or 1 percent limit. At least that’s what the Center for Science in the Public Interest wants.

More information on the CSPI from the indispensable ActivistCash.


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