Puttin’ on the Suspenders

It’s good to see Michael Moore won the Palme d’Or for his unregulated contribution to the Kerry campaign. I think it’s important for America that we raise the level of seething hatred in our public debate from merely seething, to foaming at the mouth lying-our-asses-off-name-calling-drooling-irrational-hatred-level seething.
In keeping with that, John “I never f***ing fall, stupid Secret Service Agent SOB…” Kerry, upon being apprised of George Bush’s mountain biking spill today, said, “what, he took the training wheels off?” According to Drudge, the mass media is mulling over whether to treat it as background – like all Kerry’s F-bombs, or whether to treat it as reportable, as if it was something he actually said. Which he did.
I say ignore it. It’s important that we get Bush out of office, no matter what the cost.

Whoa, big change for me, huh? Well, I see it this way. Like drunks, the U.S. plain doesn’t get it. Or at least half the U.S. doesn’t. Nor does any of the European public. We need to hit bottom and have what the 12-Steppers call a “moment of clarity”. The left won’t sense the gravity of the situation we are in until there is blood flowing in the street. The problem is, we can’t fight with only have the country wanting a victory. We might as well pack it in right now; this is a war we can’t win, with half of our public openly pulling for the other side; or at best urging neutrality as the Islamofascists diligently sharpen the nuclear sword. If we don’t ditch Bush right away, we’ll probably win the next battle or two in the war on terrorism, but we’ll lose the war on Islamofascism when the complacent public elects our version of Nev Chamberlain.
I haven’t totally gone over to the other side. I think as a matter of strategy, that the sooner we have an Iranian nuke attack on New York or Hamburg, compliments of Hezbollah; or the sooner we have an outbreak of some hitherto unknown virus engineered by a fanatic student, which kills thousands; then the sooner we will have that national moment of clarity and realize that we have to deal with these bloodthirsty Islamofascists. If we put it off for five or ten years, and continue to half-ass it in the Middle East, our enemies will grow very strong as we bicker. Better we convince them we are utterly weak, let them attack soon, and then roar back to life. The alternative is that they will husband their forces until they are ready for a really cataclysmic attack.
They are coming for us. It is ineluctable – that whirring noise you hear this summer isn’t cicadas, it’s a whetstone. So it’s better we get bloodied and bruised now, when there is time to recover then when it is too late.
Talk doesn’t work for the left half of this country; history doesn’t work because they don’t believe in it; and nothing we can do could possibly change their tightly closed little lockbox minds. I’m becoming strongly convinced that the only thing that will firm up our backbone, is a big attack or three.
Don’t get me wrong. President Bush is no prize for a conservative or a libertarian, but he is so much better than Kerry would be, it’s no comparison. Problem is, people won’t appreciate being on the right track, until we spend a little more time on the wrong track. Like a drunk that has to hit rock bottom, this country needs to hit rock bottom before heading back to work, after its long vacation from history.
Our success in the so-called war on terror, and the fight against Islamofascism generally, appears to have made us lazy and complacent. For half of this country, it seems 9/11 never happened. For a big chunk of the country, it’s a receeding memory. An irrelevance.
Meanwhile, almost all of our cultural elites (especially the media jackals) think their monied arrogance, along with some striped-pants Foggy Bottom types are going to insulate them from the coming Islamofascist storm. We have a chance to deal with it now, before we have to go to a total war footing – but it doesn’t appear we have the stomach to see it through. To win a war, your country has to want to win, and right now, the only oars rowing this boat are on the right. Oh sure, there are one or two oars on the left, but when you have a trireme with 260 million oars, that leaves you spinning in circles at a dizzying rate of speed. Four more years of complacence and security and no mass casualties on U.S. soil, and the only thing more unjustly slandered than Joe Lieberman’s liberal credentials will be the war on Islamofascism.
Better we should have a President Kerry, stand down our military and security efforts immediately, take an inevitable grievous blow or two, lose a couple cities, and then fight back. At least then, when everybody in the country, or at least a larger proportion of us are hurt bad, we won’t lose our nerve 24 months into the monumental struggle that will probably define western civilization in the same way that the Renaissance, Rome and Greece define it.
I know it’s a terrible thing to say. But when the abuse at Abu Ghraib, most of which occurred on a single day according to this story, overshadows all other news, then our priorities are clearly misplaced. While I think our strategy in the Middle East is pretty good, I think the Bushies have fatally misunderestimated the ability of the media to poison the war effort. They have done so, and what we’re seeing with Abu Ghraib, and the maliciously misreported attack on a “wedding party”, is merely the slipping of an extra dose or two of arsenic into the morning coffee.



  1. Pat in CA

    I disagree with the argument that we need to “hit rock bottom” for several reasons that I’ll get into later.
    First let me comment on the the following paragraph:
    Talk doesn’t work for the left half of this country; history doesn’t work because they don’t believe in it; and nothing we can do could possibly change their tightly closed little lockbox minds. I’m becoming strongly convinced that the only thing that will firm up our backbone, is a big attack or three.
    Although I’ve been frustrated lately with what seems to me as the left not understanding English, History or being able to listen or understand someone elses perspective, I do remain an optimist for 3 reasons:
    1) I was a liberal who was converted in 1991. My core belief system was changed in that year because I started hearing another point of view (Rush) and I went to the library 3 times a week that year to figure everything out.
    2) In 1999 I had one of my proudest conversions. I converted an African American. He told me later that he gave me the credit. He registered Republican even though we are both to the right of center and Republicans are slightly to the left of center.
    3) The way I see it is this country is not 50/50. It is 52/48 or 53/47 in favor of Republicans. The longer the Democrats keep up their antics the higher the percentage of conservatives in this country.

  2. Sam

    Why should we let the complaining Democrats back in power? They’re not going to cut taxes, they’re not going to keep the emergency oil reserve for emergency, they’re not going to repeal the ineffective Clinton AWB. And one thing the Democrats/Leftists aren’t going to do is keep fightign terrorism. A lot of the Left thinks terrorism is something that has popped up only since 9-11,2001 when Bush, using his Saudi connections, got a bunch of Muslims to fly some planes into the WTC so he could turn the US into some Orwellian nightmare. That’s only valid history if you’re Michael Moore or your head has been in the sand for decades. Fact is anti-American terrorism has been going on for years, but instead of acknowledging the fact the Left has sided with it.
    I don’t think we need to hit rock bottom. I’ve always learned there is no such thing as rock-bottom, or as Garfield (the cat) said, “When I’ve hit rock bottom, life always hands me a shovel.” What the Left needs to remember is Jihadis on planes screaming at captives and slitting their throats with boxcutters. What the Left needs to remember is rows of friends and co-workers taking each other’s hands and jumping off the top of the burning World Trade Center buildings and slowly falling to Earth. What the Left needs to remember is a screaming Nick Berg getting his head cut off to the yells of “Allahu akbar (God is great)”. What the Left needs to remember is the demolition of thousand year-old Buddhas and the enslavement of women in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan. What the Left needs to remember is an Abu Ghraib with REAL torture done by Iraqis upon other Iraqis, and Saddam’s Republican Guard shooting people in the head or tossing them off of 4-story parking garages. But I do not think the Left has the same kind of memory you or I would.

  3. Al Maviva

    I kinda don’t care about the hard left; they are lost.
    It’s the liberals like Pat used to be that we need on our side, and soon; along with the “undecideds”. At times, it’s unfortunate we’re in a democracy, because in a democracy, the government gives the people what they ask for, and it gives it to ’em but good.
    My thesis, in a nutshell, is that we don’t have enough of the U.S. public on our side in the present war, to be able to carry on to a successful conclusion. This paralysis will give the Islamofascists time to build up strength, and hit us with massed force. What do you think those Syrian technicians were doing on a missile train in North Korea two weeks ago? How long before that reactor in Iran is turning out weapons grade plutonium? The other problem here is I don’t think Bush has the skills necessary, and I don’t think his handlers have the common sense, to mount a convincing campaign to talk some iron into the U.S. backbone. This will result in us winning little tactical fights (like some of the battles in Iraq), but unable to do the larger job we need to do in the Middle East. Shit, we’re already thinking about cutting and running from Iraq – clearly, 630 casualties (fewer people than died in Desert Storm, from mobilization to truce treaty) seems to have destroyed the U.S. will to win.
    Whereas, if Bush loses, I’m pretty certain some catastrophic things will happen and the backlash will strengthen U.S. resolve over the long haul. (Either that, or destroy it completely, and frankly, attacks are inevitable, so if we are that weak we really do deserve to lose the war against Islamofascism).
    In other words, I am willing to lose some battles if it means we can win the war; rather than winning the tactical battles right now and losing the war in the long run.
    The trick is to know which battles it is okay to lose, and my thought is it is better to lose a mostly political battle now, suffer a couple bad terror attacks (before that Iranian nuke reactor gets up and running) than it would be to win a bunch of battles now, but fail to carry through and win the war.
    I know it sounds shitty, but I am honestly starting to think that’s what it will take. If Kerry really is leading in the polls, then this country is basically too damn dumb to live, and it needs some larnin’ up. I hate to say that, and lord knows, I work a solid 5 iron away from one of the likely terrorist targets, but it ain’t about me, it’s about what I think would be best for the country, in the long run. I’d rather that we redouble our efforts in the Middle East, that Bush would start talking about the importance of it and we’d get serious about it – but I truly believe that isn’t going to happen no matter how loudly I shout. I’m not giving up; I’m actrually thinking about how we can win the whole game, not just the first quarter. Granted, Bush has pulled out some comeback wins – but Al Qaida and the Islamofascists have tougher D than the DNC, and are better offensively than Al Gore.
    And one other thing. If Kerry does get in on his “I’ll revoke the PATRIOT Act and stand down airport security” platform, I’m looking for a new job somewhere outside D.C. All the shit he is promising will make an easy job (attacking the U.S.) that much easier. Just because I think the Bush loses/US wins strategy would work out best for the U.S., doesn’t mean I want to personally pay the butcher’s bill for it.

  4. Sam

    I agree with you that the nation (at least half of it) is soft. And sure, we’re never going to convince the diehard Left that the war on terrorism is a good thing. It seems we both agree that another terror attack (or two, or three) might give the US some resolve.
    But in some areas, I’m a jerk. This is one of them. I don’t want Kerry to win for bunches of reasons. Some of that is because it’ll please the Liberals to death. I don’t want to see Michael Moore happy and thinking his new “documentry”/propaganda piece helped the Democrats win back the White House. I don’t want Jeanine Garafelo (sp?) smug in triumph over all these people whom she thinks have character flaws because they voted for Bush. I’d rather not see Tim Robbins and Susan Surandon and all the other bleeding-heart Leftists dance with joy because they think they defeated the anti-Christ.
    Reason #2 I don’t want Kerry to win….. he’ll almost certainly continue the Clinton assault weapons ban. It’s been proven by groups on both sides of the gun control debate that the Clinton assault weapons ban doesn’t work. Heck, it just makes assault weapons more popular (the AK-47 has been renamed the “south Dallas chopper” by gangs where I live). About the only good thing the CLinton AWB ban has done is make dealers of high-capacity magazines and pre-ban weapons just a bit richer because with no new supply and the same old demand, they can raise prices.
    And even though you practically have to walk through security checkpoints naked these days to avoid setting them off, I understand having metal and bomb detectors at the airport. If Kerry really plans to lax security at airports, we just might well get a repeat of 9-11.
    Of course, now I can see your point in why we should ellect Kerry. The US will elect Kerry, he’ll repeal all the Bush-era security measures, we’ll get attacked again, and that way Kerry will have to testify before a Senate committee hearing as to why he decided with al-Queda still 18,000+ strong to lax border controls. Then Michael Moore can make another million dollars with a piece of propaganda saying the new terrorist attacks were commissioned by Bush because he wanted to scare the country into electing him again, which will get him another Oscar.

  5. Noel

    Lenin’s ‘The worse, the better!’ theory, eh?
    Fact is, we’re winning. Don’t take your bearings from the media, except possibly as a negative indicator; usually, the louder they howl, the better we’re doing.
    Like John Kerry, the media served in Vietnam. And they both fully intend to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory again. To do otherwise would threaten their most cherished belief: “It’s always America’s fault. Always! Oh, yeah; and I’m a better person than you for saying so.”
    They will fool some, but not all. For example, Steyn points out that some of the (slight) drop in Bush’s poll numbers may be from those disappointed we haven’t yet leveled Fallujah.
    If we reward the Left for their lying and defeatism, we will only get more of it. And it’s a downward spiral, making the victory more difficult and costly in the long run. Yes, I know it’s disheartening to open the Gardening section and read: “…then, we stake the tomato plants in a wire cage, just like the notorious Abu Gharib…”. But most importantly, a victory for the Left would endanger all of us, and not just Americans; millions could die when an inevitable retaliation occured.
    So say your prayers. Write your congresscritters. Keep blogging. Vote. Study your history; we’ve had collaborators and defeatists in every conflict since the Revolution. Support your troops. And I mean support them; buy some supplies and send it. Contribute. And buck up, man; WE ARE WINNING. And unplug your TV; the more you watch, the less you’ll actually know. By design.
    And “Never give in, never give in, never, never, never, never in nothing, great or small, large or petty never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense.”

  6. Sam

    You know, if they really wanted an evil American imperialist empire, we could give it to them. We could shell Fallujah so much it makes the Somme (sp?) look like a place to take the kids for a picnic. We could be using our stocks of chemical and biological weapons on al-Sadr’s militia. Instead of breaking Glo-stix in some Iraqi guy’s ass we could be breaking glass catheders in his urethra, or all the bones in his body. We could distribute blankets infected with syphilus or SARS to the poor and homeless of Iraq. Bush could drop his pants and moon the entire UN instead of trying to get multi-national support in Iraq. Yet we don’t. And we’re the bad guys?
    Sheesh, with friends like the American media, who needs enemeies?
    Oh, and one more bit of proof America/Bush isn’t evil; no one has carpet-bombed Michael Moore. Moore’s continued existence and ability to speak out is proof that the US has not become an Orwellian Big-Brother state.