Something Completely Different

Smash is trying something different – Haiku blogging. So I’ll try something different for me – pith.
One Sarin shell = irrelevant. As if you could develop a sophisticated binary shell without WMD research programs, weapons factories, special storage areas, etc.
Maybe the fact that it is completely unmarked, explains how U.S. troops didn’t find it before, and may not be finding its brothers and sisters in the hundreds of ammo dumps.

Talented rookie Syria is apparently training in the off-season with a proven star, hoping to move up to the big league Axis of Evil from the Coastal Carolina League of evil.
Does anyone make more smarter, substantive observations than Wretchard of Belmont Club, who observes that the U.S. government needs to get much faster at getting the truth out?
Kim du Toit is definitely the one guy in the blogosphere I’d like to go drinking with. And then shooting. And then sitting in front of the TV set screaming at the Network news.
I used to sympathize with Mel Gibson in Breaker Morant. After reading this kind of stuff for the last three weeks, I realize that Kitchener was right to have Breaker Morant shot. You screw up your country’s war, you oughtta be fired. Literally. Or stuck on permanent convoy duty.
This eminent leader says the war is made up, a Bush fantasy.
Meanwhile, the FBI says to brace yourself, and get ready for suicide bombers.
Frank J. wonders why the Kerry Blog links to Democratic Underground. That’s an easy one – because all liberals feel guilty, that they can’t be true believers like the radical left.



  1. John Anderson

    “…you have to have knowledge and experience. He has none.”
    Talking about Kerry again?

  2. Dave J

    Al, Mel Gibson wasn’t in “Breaker Morant.” I think you may be confusing it with his role in “Gallipoli.”
    Otherwise, spot on.

  3. Al Maviva

    Thanks for the correction, Dave. I feel lucky to have readers who are smarter and even more up on arcana than I am.