One of those laugh-cry situations

How deluded arethese people?

Members of two British gay rights groups were attacked when they attempted to participate in a demonstration for Palestinian rights.
OutRage and Queer Youth Alliance went to the protest march at Trafalgar Square to show their support for people of Palestine. But they also urged the Palestinian Authority to halt the arrest, torture and murder of homosexuals.
As soon as they arrived at the square to members of the two groups were surrounded by an angry, screaming mob of Islamic fundamentalists, Anglican clergymen, members of the Socialist Workers Party, the Stop the War Coalition, and officials from the protest organizers, the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC).

Perhaps the gays ought to move to Israel.



  1. Sam

    Just shows you the modern Left can’t tell their friends from their enemies. Just because you support one facet of their cause does not mean they accept you as an ally. Nick Berg must’ve realized that during the 90 seconds or so the brain lives after the head has been cut off.

  2. roy edroso

    This, if true, is horrible and denounced by all American liberals (I have a voucher that says I can speak for them — make sure Andrew Sullivan knows about it).