Note to Peaceniks & Lefties

Dear Peaceniks, Lefties, Answer-ites, and other American anti-Americans,
I regret to inform you that your adherence to our enemies will not save you when the Islamofascists come for us here in the U.S.
You see, they’ve sworn to annihilate all of us. For a few years now, we on the right, and a brave few on the left, have seen the Islamofascists for what they are – raving, mad, hate-filled nihilists using radical religion as fuel for their destruction. This means they hate us because they hate us. There is no deeper meaning to it than that – they just do. Be an imperialist, be a marxist, be a fellow muslim – they would hate you no matter what. Sell oil, buy oil, or drive a car powered by renewable cow pats and high fiber muffins – they don’t care because it isn’t about the oil. Be Richard F. Burton the adventurer, Richard Burton the actor, or Halliburton the company – it doesn’t matter. They want to kill you, and you are trying to help them you insipid morons. You are the useful idiots of this era – which is probably appropriate because a lot of you were the useful idiots of the Cold War era too.
The example of beheaded Nick Berg ought to tell you something. He let Zaccarias Moussaoui use his email

in Oklahoma [regustration may be required], he was the Red Diaper Baby of International ANSWER member parents, and he was flirting with all your usual self-abnegating left wing causes according to his parents. His father even said in a TV news interview that Al Qaida and Iraq did not have a better friend than Nick Berg. [Update: I’ve had a chance to read a couple more stories on Mr. Berg. Sounds like he was a good guy, unfocused, smart, and a fan of religion along the lines of Madonna – the Torah one month, the Koran the next. Very odd…]
But what the fuck? A friend of Al Qaida? Are you ANSWERites all fucking insane? Will you fire guns in the air the next time planes slew into a landmark U.S. building? Will you hand out candy to the little kids on your block in celebration? Will we have to start worrying about the response of the “ANSWER Street” here in the U.S.? A friend of Al Qaida? Jeeeeeezus.
As Jonah Goldberg points out in NRO’s The Corner, it is despicable to murder someone in cold blood; but all the more despicable to select the target, a friend of yours, because he would be easy to kill. You are sucking up to people who want to slit your throats and slaughter you in cold blood. What is wrong with you people?
The people you have thrown your lot in with, the people I hear you calling “freedom fighters” on CSPAN’s call-in shows, will kill you too, just to prove a point. In fact, your moronic insisitence that they are your friends will make you easy targets, and the first killed. They are vicious criminals, people; what will it take for you to see it? It is basic human nature to prey on the weak, and these criminals will prey on us in proportion to the weakness they perceive. And you, my left wing friends, are bleating quite loudly. I suppose I wouldn’t care all that much, but your lamb-like complaints make the killers of Nick Berg think we are all weak – and you assholes are becoming a liability to the West.
Just look at our brave friends, the Spanish socialists. The Spanish troops hung tough, a percentage of the Spanish electorate did too – but a half dozen bombs on a few trains, causing a disaster 1/12th of the magnitude of 9/11, caused Spain to seek a separate peace. That didn’t stop the attempted bombings, or get the Al Qaida cells out of Spain. In fact, they hung around, confident they were safe and had a friend in Zapatero.
Moreover, you assholes are on the brink of treason, if not actually well over it. We are at war, an actual declared war if the Joint Resolution Authorizing the Use of Force against Al Qaida means anything, and you assholes are walking around calling Al Qaida freedom fighters, and talking about what great friends you are of Al Qaida. Hey assholes – that’s treason. I don’t care that the government has been too gutless to prosecute treason since World War II. I knows it when I sees it, and you are a pack of traitors. I’m a little surprised none of you have taken up arms against the country – but I suppose a George Bush re-election may lead to that. What exact planks of Al Qaida’s manifestos do you support? The ones calling for a Sharia Caliphate in Europe, to avenge the Tragedy of Andalusia? The ones calling for the execution of women who don’t wear the Burkha, or the execution of homosexuals? The ones calling for the destruction of all the graven images – you know, statues, pictures, famous paintings and religious artifacts?
I honestly don’t get it. I suppose that most of the 100 million Russians slaughtered by Lenin and Stalin and their successors went pretty peacefully, as did the Jews into the gas showers, as do lemmings over a cliff. The thing that amazes me, however, is not that you ANSWER-ites and assorted left wing fuck knuckles are willing to be slaughtered, but that you are actually urging us to accede to the demands of those who want to slaughter us. In that way, you aren’t just sheep, you are the Judas goats of our flock. The thing you apparently forget is eventually the Judas Goats outlive their usefulness and get slaughtered too.
I can see from where I sit that you invidious America-haters already have most of the Democratic Party in line. They are only willing to fight in places and for causes that don’t help the U.S. national interest – that’s 30% of the country that has your back. Sadly, because we are in a more or less democracy, if you can get another 20% of the people to think like you in the next election (and lord knows, apparently a lot of people lean that way), you assholes will pretty much ensure the nuking of New York, LA, Washington, or some other major city. Even then I’m sure you will counsel against retaliating to America’s enemies. I’m sure that you will instead be counseling the radiation burned survivors that they had it coming for some imperialistic sin of the U.S.
I guess maybe we do have it coming – but not for the reasons you would cite. We have it coming because we’ve tolerated cultural and moral rot for too long. We’ve let your type capture most of our social institutions, our schools and universities, our churches, our charities, and our mass media. The rest of us let it happen, and now we have to fight an uphill battle to roust you bastards out of positions of leadership. We simply can’t afford to have people in leadership positions, who feel that everything good the U.S. has achieved (freedom, democratic self rule, true altruism and leadership among the world’s nations) is abnegated by occasional abuses. Yes, you are the children of the sixties – hypocrisy is the only sin you recognize. Thus the positives of America are wiped out by the negatives; the people saved from Saddams death chambers are irrelevant -what matters about Iraq is that a handful of guards misbehaved, and it would be hypocritical to say the overall effort is good, while any one of the 300,000 or so Americans on the ground over the last year wasn’t as pure as the driven snow.
There are times that I almost have a hope that your side wins – that we slink cringing off the international stage, that we lose confidence like some big business in a Rand novel, that things just fall apart for us. I’d love nothing more than to see a bunch of you keffiyah wearing, papier-mache head-waving, Bush=Hitler screaming assholes lined up in a row and beheaded by your Islamofascist best friends. But I can’t make that leap. Spite isn’t a substitute for a philosophy, and wishing just deserts on a minority of society, at the cost harm to the rest of it, would be a cowardly abnegation of the duty to fight on. I’m sure you understand that, being on the cowardly abnegating side of most public debates. So I can’t really wish death and destruction on all of us, just out of spite for you assholes.
But I can tout the joys of middle eastern tourism, and encourage you to check out sunny, lovely Baghdad. Maybe you can go lay down in front of a CPA bulldozer doing construction work, kinda sorta like Rachel Corrie. Maybe you can go befriend some of those freedom fighters you keep talking about; you say you are a friend of the Iraqi guerillas and Al Qaida – well, go prove it. I’m sure they’d love to see you.
[In “Gods of the Copybook Headings” Kipling discussed how some people never seem to learn. He commented that the “burn’t fools bandaged finger goes wobbling back to the fire.” When it comes to Islamofascism, the left in this country have burnt fingers, and once again, are wobbling toward the light.]



  1. Sam

    The Lefties just raged against don’t have the courage to give up their comfortable lives and go out to Iraq and actually put their ideals into practice. Yet they look at a guy who did just that (Paul Tillman) and call the guy a murderer. They see four American contractors killed, then their bodies burned and mutilated and are not outraged, but then call for DOnald Rumsfeld’s head when some Iraqis are abused. For the most part, the modern Left is a bunch of spineless crybabies. They suffer from what the Church of the SUBgenius calls “technoboredom”, watching the horrors of the world falling apart, natural distasters, diseases, war, and death…….all on their big-screen plasma TVs in the comfort of their air-conditioned homes. At least the terrorists admit they want to kill us, not like these people who call themselves Americans but end up stabbing US in the back. “Freedom isn’t free”, kiddies.
    By the way, if their Democratic-messiah John Kerry came back from Vietnam and admitted soldiers routinely committed atrocities, why don’t we investigate and prosecute him for those atrocities?
    And them crazy Spanish…..they get bombed by a bunch of Jihadis, then vote in a government to give the Jihadis what they want. And then to make themselves more Jihadi friendly they start altering their own history & culture (I’m refering the the saint’s head; an isolated event, yes, but the start of a trend?) Does this mean the Spanish are going to one day have to retake the Iberian peninsula from the Moors again?
    Btw, to our Socialist/Communist/Marixst friends out there…..a Muslim man DOES NOT WANT TO BE THE NEW COMMUNIST MAN. You should have learned this when the mujahadeem kicked the Soviets out of Afghanistan. The Internationale WILL NOT unite the human race.

  2. Morgoth

    I’m…speechless. This is utterly fantastic. This sums it all up in one…
    Can I quote this on my livejournal? (proper attribution given of course!)

  3. rosco

    a nuke here in our country should be met with one in Teheran, Medina, and Damascus

  4. rosco

    a nuke here in our country should be met with one in Teheran, Medina, and Damascus