Cuba horrified at Abu Ghraib abuses

Granma supplies a triple shot of Commie chutzpah with this headline: Bush and Rumsfeld held responsible for torture of prisoners. First is the use of the word “torture,” which accurately describes very few of the abuses. Second, and most obvious, Granma speaks ill of torture, while stuff like this happens in Cuban prisons:

I had many friends in prison. One of them, Roberto López Chávez, was just a kid. He went on a hunger strike to protest the abuses. The guards denied him water, Roberto lay on the floor of his punishment cell, agonizing, deliriously asking for water. water? The soldiers came in and asked him: “Do you want water?”? The they took out their members and urinated in his mouth, on his face? He died the following day. We were cellmates; when he died I felt something wither inside me.
I recall when they kept me in a punishment cell, naked, with several fractures on one leg which never received medical care; today, those bones remain jammed up together and displaced. One of the regular drills among the guards was to stand on the steel mesh ceiling and throw at my face buckets full of urine and excrement.

And third? The article is about the New York Times and the Washington Post raising criticisms of the Bush administration’s response to the scandal. See it? Let me put it another way: it’s about government accountability to a free press.


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