Honor Killing Survivor

Read, if you dare, this horrifying account of a woman burned alive by her Palestinian Muslim family.
Almost more frightening is “Souad”‘s description of her mother’s casually gruesome misogyny:
My mother had 14 children, but only five survived. One day I learned why. I must have been less than 10; Noura, my elder sister, was with me. We came back from the fields, and found my mother lying on the floor on a sheepskin. She was giving birth, and my aunt, Salima, was with her. There were cries from my mother and then from the baby. Very quickly my mother took the sheepskin and smothered the baby. I saw the baby move once, and then it was over. She was a girl. I saw my mother do it this first time, then a second time. I’m not sure I was present for the third, but I knew about it. And I heard Noura say to her: “If I have girls, I’ll do what you have done.”
That was how my mother got rid of the seven daughters she had after Hanan, the last survivor. From then on I hid and cried every time my father killed a sheep or a chicken.

People who still perform honor killings and ritual infanticide for girls should have their own state? I think not.



  1. Sam

    Fucking patriarchal society! Don’t these people know the men you keep alive instead of the girls won’t be able to reproduce?
    Get a culture of all men and you essentially have a prison.
    “The loss of culture does not happen at the death of its men, it happens at the death of its women.”

  2. FJ

    This is the sort of barbarism that Islam wants to bring to the west. Better get used to it. That could be you.