Music to my ears.

I’ve been in Sydney this weekend with some of the Ubersportingpundit crew; but tonight I’ve been at a loose end, so I’ve been wandering around the city, alone and without supervision.
I actually didn’t end up in the Red Light district of King’s Cross; I’m finding that even the spirit isn’t so willing when I’m in this city, which I freely confess to have mixed feelings about it. I’ll go along with Sasha’s assessment of Melbourne, but Sydney doesn’t quite work for me.
I did end up wandering down to Circular Quay and the Opera House district, which is one of the classier ends of Sydney. And the buskers in this area were marvellous. I sat for twenty minutes listening to a really good Jamaican steel-drum busker do renditions of 1970’s pop trash. He was so good he made them sound good. Anyone that can make ABBA sound good deserves my support so I gave him a few dollars.
I also took a photo of him that I really hope works- in the backdrop is the Sydney Opera House.
There were also sundry sax players busking elsewhere in the district. I didn’t stop to listen, but I was very impressed with the standard I heard as I walked by.


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