Dr. Weevil has a great post explaining why the four Blackwater torture victims in Fallujah were not, in fact “mercenaries” as alleged by Daily Kos and other leftard filth.
One of the best parts is the following comment from a fellow named “Trooper John Smith”:

The whole argument made by Jade saying that, in effect, these so-called ‘mercenaries’ would not unecessarily place themselves in harms way in a failed or desperate venture is unsupportable.
A friend who worked for this same company in Somalia driving a relief truck said that they often went unescorted into certain locales, armed only with their personal weapons, because (a.) their third-world UN Peacekeeper escorts were afraid, and (b.) the people needing the food were in bad shape. (Do I detect a trace of alturism?)
There goes THAT argument, made up by someone who, I suspect, does all their thinking in the clinical realm of theory.
Furthermore, this friend says that the non-military UN Peacekeepers are often contractors, as well, and that many of the Peacekeeper ‘soldiers’ are often conscripts who are just sent there to bring in a UN paycheck (in DOLLARS) to the Motherland.
So…. who’s the “mercenary”?

Hello? Kos? Your petard just called… I think you’re due for a hoisting.


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  1. Dr. Weevil

    Thanks, Sasha. By the way, I think of you every time I go to the Met. Was there last Saturday for Siegfried, will be at Goetterdaemmerung next Saturday. Had never seen or heard any of the Ring, or much other Wagner, for that matter. Will blog about it when I have time. Most surprising thing: Jabba the Hutt must have gotten his start as Fafner’s Mini-Me. I don’t know whether I’m more amused or awestruck by the Met’s Fafner — not that I’ve seen any others.