What’s good for the goose…

is 20% more expensive for the gander:
The 2004 Equal Pay Day Luncheon sponsored by the Mayor’s Commission on the Status of Women, Women’s Digest and the Women’s Center of Jacksonville will be from noon to 1:30 p.m. April 13 in Shands Tower, 580 W. 8th St., 10th floor…
Equal Pay Day symbolizes the day in the week in which women’s wages “catch up” to men’s wages from the previous week. The cost of the luncheon – $20 for men and $16 for women, a discount of 20% — represents the current average wage disparity.

Hmm. I read this and think about those affirmative-action bake sales which had liberals all in a lather a while back.
As James Taranto says:
One almost begins to wonder if there isn’t some sort of double standard at work.
Ya think???



  1. roy edroso

    You’re right. Both kinds of event are fundamentally silly.
    I wonder if the food is any good at these things? Has anyone done reviews? If not, there’s a missed opportunity.
    That Rene Gruss guy looks like Chick Corea.

  2. M. Scott Eiland

    In fairness, it could also be read as a tacit admission that the bake sales weren’t such a bad idea after all–but that would involve lefties admitting that they had been engaged in self-serving race baiting, and I’d guess that the spontaneous disintegration of the Earth due to simultaneous total proton decay is far more likely than that.

  3. Dave J

    The food’s probably pretty good, Roy: Jacksonville’s native fare is the usual North Florida mix of seafood and “Southern” (e.g., barbecue, etc.), plus it’s the biggest city in Florida (yes, bigger than Miami, since it encompasses all of Duval County), so there’s bound to be some level of quality other stuff as well.
    What surprises me (although maybe it shouldn’t, I don’t know) is to see something so quintessentially PC lefty in such an overwhelmingly GOP town.