Tom Daschle, Class Act

No, I’m not kidding. Give credit where it’s due.
I’m glad Tom Daschle comfortable being unabashedly pro-American, and that he has a grasp on the importance of goings-on in the Middle East. Good on ‘im, and if this is how he really feels, then John Thune has a much tougher row to hoe in November, since he can’t play the Pelosi/McKinney cards. Sen. Evan Bayh (D-Ind.) is talking about staying the course as well. It is good that they understand the top reason for going into, and continuing to stay in, Iraq: because, as a relative of mine said recently, “if you are dealing with crazy people, the talking only goes so far, and sooner or later you need to reach for the two-by-four with the nail in it.”
In the same article, Robert Byrd, the senator too chicken to admit that he occasionally Klux, says Iraq was just like VietNam, and I’m sure he’ll stick to that position until Kellog Brown & Root gets the Robert C. Byrd Memorial Hangin’ Charred American Corpses Bridge in Fallujah back open.
Hat tip to Lileks, who reveals his true Burke-ian conservative self later in that bleat when he professes his love for one of the most profound thinkers currently setting pen to paper, Theodore Dalrymple.



  1. Steve

    Thoughtful and interesting article but I suspect its title might give my elderly father a massive and immediate cardiac problem of one sort or the other. I wonder if writers for this blog might give consideration to the elderly when future original titles for articles are conceived? 😉

  2. Al Maviva

    Ooh, sorry there Steve. I accidently typed in a Spoonerism.
    I meant to wright “Tom Daschle’s Ass is Cracked”, not “Tom Daschle, Class Act.” You see at first I thought he went a little, um, mentally ill on us.
    I apologize – my singers must have flipped. Er, I mean my fingers must have slipped. See, there it goes again.

  3. Al Maviva

    You realize, I am actually serious… if Daschle really does feel that way, then I am glad about it, and happy to have him on board. The left needs to realize that you can throw turds at people about the trivial issues, but the war on terrorism & islamofascism is an area that we really do need to be united on.

  4. Steve

    Al: Sadly, yes I understood. I understand your motivation, we could quibble about temporal or convenient politics in a tight senatorial race, blah blah. It’s just that when I visualize Daschle I invariably see two horns atop his head….
    In today’s political climate and the need for support for the war in Iraq and the broader conflict all those of good will are needed. And quite frankly I don’t doubt his motivations or views as those recently expressed are consistent with those of the past….
    Still….mumble, mumble…..gulp & etc….being a crusty and grumpy old man has some priveleges, although they often may get in the way of reason (kneels and says a prayer to Aristotle, not Plato)……have I used a (sigh) yet?
    (Rises and gives a nod to Al if only out of appreciation for the Dalrymple link….)

  5. Alan K. Henderson

    Robert Byrd…says Iraq was just like VietNam
    As I posted here on my blog:

    If “Iraq is George Bush’s Vietnam,” as Senator Kennedy claims, that must mean that Colin Powell is preparing to pull a Henry “Let Saigon Be Bygone” Kissinger and engineer a military pullout that will guarantee Iraq’s conquest by totalitarians in a couple of years.

    The double irony is that what the antiwar movement proposes would repeat the history of the Paris Peace Accords. At least Mr. Powell (or whoever negotiates the armistice) would get a Nobel Peace Prize out of the deal.

  6. Al Maviva

    Couple things – first, Sasha, can we please do something about the blogspam? My penis is doing just fine, breasts are big enough, I rent so refinancing at LOW LOW LOW rates doesn’t interest me at all, I don’t want to know how to buy a seized vehicle, my wife and I have a vaccuum cleaner that works just fine and we don’t need any more credit. So these blogspams are completely useless to me.
    Second, Alan, you are right on so many levels, and the Byrds & Kennedys of the world so wrong on so many levels, that the contrast is almost physically jarring.
    First, Byrd and Kennedy start from the premise that it just wasn’t worth it to fight communism in Southeast Asia, or anywhere else. So Korea and VietNam, and for that matter the Cold War, were the wrong wars at the wrong times & places.
    Second, VietNam wasn’t the hopeless military quagmire that Swimteam Ted and “Klux like a yard-” Byrd remember; it was a long series of tactical victories, matched win-for-win by the bought-and-paid-for-by-the KGB peace movement’s actions aimed at destroying the U.S. will to win.
    Third, the unintended irony in Kennedy’s and Byrd’s comparison is so thick, it resembles sarcasm on their part. Yes, this is becoming just like VietNam. The executive branch and a slim majority of the country are trying to do a good thing. We’re counting on a domino theory working, yet again. We are up against a bunch of nasty totalitarian bastards. And the left in the U.S. is openly fighting for the other side.
    So yes, it is just like VietNam. But not in the way that Kennedy and Byrd mean.

  7. Alan K. Henderson

    And if Vietnam is replayed by the book, years from now we’ll have Iraqi boat people settling in America. Wonder how the Dems will market themselves to that constituency? They’ll probably just ignore ’em the way they ignore Vietnamese boat people.