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Holy Schnikey! It’s like a Robert Smigel cartoon, for people with no sense of humor!
Ramesh Ponnuru says his favorite question is “How would you suggest putting pressure on OPEC?” For me that’s easy – by applying a long, cool metal tube, 1″ diameter, with a 9/20ths of an inch hole bored in it, simultaneously and gently to the temples of the foreign ministers of each member state of that august conspiracy to restrain trade and export terrorism.
Awwww…. dammit… did I really say that that “perhaps the best thing that we could do to respond to the Cole and to the memories was to do something about the threat of Saddam Hussein”?
Stop laughing, awright lad? I’m tellig you for the last time, these poor benighted ‘eathen is our cultural betters. Oi know, ‘cuz Eddie Said tol me so.
I’ll see your grieving widows, and raise you a crying wittle boy whose daddy iwn’t coming home. If grief makes one an expert on foreign and defense policy, then I wonder why I was never nominated for Sec Def after the ‘orrible bleedin’ Texas Chick dumped me.
What’s up with the lower class British Victorian patois? I dunno, loike. I’ve been reading some Conrad lately, and some Kipling. And since the U.S. has decided to go all Chinese Gordon, or Gordon of Khartoum, anyhow, it seems fitting. Thank goodness we’re not messing in the Congo, though… how does one imitate a Belgian government servant these days. Pederasty? Vicious bureaucratic infighting? I’d rather go to Khandahar, riding two by two, than be a Belgian goverment official.
From Allah himself, an article on mandatory Islamic female genital mutilation in the Netherlands. Oooh, that has to hurt. Wonder how the tolerant French feel about that one? I know the Dutch have spoken, by contributing troops to the U.S. led effort in the Gulf. By the way, if you aren’t bowing down towards Allah five times daily, or at least a couple times a week, you are missing out. He is a very funny guy, in the tradition of Erasmus or Gulliver – a sharp satirist who would be writing for an adult comedy magazine, if there was such a thing any longer.
Finally, click right here to go to the best blog I’ve ever read. Great writing, enchanting visitors for the most part, and smashing links to any site you’d care to visit.



  1. Mike

    It is unlikely to be a Gordon moment, rather it is likely to be a Kitchener moment. More “Omdurman” than “Khartoum”.

  2. Al Maviva

    Depends on what you mean. The Gordons (you can expand this to cover a lot of British genrills) had a lot of glorious moments as well).

  3. Steve

    Let’s see..
    They didn’t have tape or digital recording devices in those days…
    Might they have used one of those early Edison devices that recorded early operas, Gershwin, & such on one of those round wax thingies…..? Or was that later?
    Was just thinking what the recording of a fart of one of those chaps would sell for on eBay……..