Persistence is a virtue.

My heart goes out to the troops putting down the Sadr thug rebellion in Iraq, and fighting the Fedayeen/Baathist revolt in Falluja – and to those with living and lost loved ones in this fight.
Hang in there folks. That urban combat we put off when 3ID shot its way into Baghdad – we’re now getting it, possibly because we bypassed it before and were too kind and tolerant, possibly because Iran and Syria and the Wahabbis have been meddling; and just possibly because Sadr is a shit-ass thug who knows he has no chance to take over the family business (Shiite leadership) by legitimate religious leadership. [Actually, that isn’t the only family business. Sadr’s cousin runs Hezbollah. So the business is in the family, like the Bada Bing club is in the Family.] Maybe we’re getting it because Iraq is a hopeless country and we Americans are the most hopelessly dicked up people in the entire world – that’s what the left says.
But I doubt it. I believe that there is simply a class of gangster and thug who know their day is over. There is no dictator to apportion out goodies for them; or to confine them to their own poverty stricken religious ghetto where they can impose absolute rule, at least within the confines of what the maximum leader allows. They are willing to go down in a blaze of glory, believing (1) America is too soft to actually fight for anything; and (2) they have nothing to lose as their day is over, unless they can reclaim it with a blast of violence.
It’s a hard thing to pull the trigger, but you are putting an end to a way of life that can no longer be allowed. Just as sheriffs and preachers and families and judges put a quick stop to the banditry of the old “Old West” you need to cut down these weeds to see if a little bit of grass and flowers can grow again on the banks of the Euphrates.
Maybe we’ll find out that Howard Veit is right – that the country and the Middle East itself is a hopeless mess, and all our carefully calibrated carrots and sticks are of no use. If that is the case, then our money and blood is not spent in vain. We will have learned, and we will know, that devastating, levelling, flattening force, is the only way to respond to anybody in the Middle East who troubles us in any way. Kill ’em all, let the God we really don’t believe in much except when our ass is in serious trouble sort ’em out. Or give ’em a box of raisins. Or whatever He sees fit.
I don’t think that’s the case, however. I think we’ll find that when you cut down this large crop of thuggees and religious maniacs, that the next crop of human weeds grows a lot slower and the flowers have a chance to come out. Ted Kennedy is comparing it to Tet? Okay, fine, I’ll buy that. Tet was the greatest series of tactical military victories in the VietNam war. The U.S. military absolutely crushed the VietCong, which never was able to mount any significant operation again. It was so decimated, that it needed to be absorbed by the North VietNamese Army in order to continue on in the fight. Meanwhile, Walter Cronkite and the leftists turned the flat out fighting into the greatest strategic defeat of the war. You want to pinpoint the moment the worm turned, it was when Walter Cronkite stood there before the cameras and asked “What in the hell is going on here?” So yeah, I’ll buy that. Maybe it’s Tet. If it is, you boys downrange need to keep pulling the triggers. We on the homefront will keep demanding balanced coverage, and shout down old Whiskey Fart Kennedy when he gets to ranting again. Maybe we can do it right this time.
Regardless of whether this battle has any historical parallels, under neither condition I’ve posited are the great exertions of our troops and government civilians and contractors, and our Iraqi friends and all of our allies in vain. We are either learning an essential lesson here that couldn’t be taught to us otherwise, or we are actually in the process of fixing a horrific mess, the awfulness of which has been measured across a sub-continent, by the millions of dead, the chopped off hands, and the anxiety of peace-loving nations around the world. Steady on.



  1. Al Maviva

    I heard this morning on CNN that this Saturday is a holy day for Shiites, and it will draw millions of pilgrims to Najaf, where Moqtada al Sadr is currently holed up with his militia. This is really sinister news. It’s pretty clear that carefully timed his actions to spark an outrage, or a flat out wild-eyed rebellion. The U.S. troops need to act fast, or this thing is going to spin out of control. One gets the impression that Ayatollah Sistani lacks his own militia, and is a bit afraid to speak out against the murderous Sadr. We know what Sadr does with his other religious rivals…
    Sadr is a lunatic and he and his goons need to be stepped down quickly. I hope the leadership over there has the brass ones necessary to pull this off. They are dealing with people who believe kindness andd tolerance aren’t virtues, but rather signs of fatal weakness.

  2. Fonda

    Sadr claims that he is Sistani’s military arm. That cannot be a comfort to Sistani.
    Sadr has caused the deaths of other Shiite clerics–what other atrocities is he capable of? Would he set off a bomb in the middle of a crowd, then blame it on US rockets?

  3. Al Maviva

    Ahh, our friendly local troll.
    Well, WWA, thanks for stopping by. It’s good to know that when we Americans are done wiping out the raving lunatic population within Islam, that there will be plenty of drooling leftist Spam-gelatin-for-brains dipshits like you for us to vent our spleen upon. As a vet, and a person with a number of friends currently in and recently back from the Gulf, and more on the way over, and oh yes, a couple family members on active duty, I thank you sincerely for your warm sentiments.
    I’d like also to offer some warm sentiments of my own to you: May you rot eternally in the nether regions with thousands of tiny enraged and over-caffeinated minions of satan stabbing at your shriveled, anonymous-troll-posting neuticles, with lemon-juice encrusted rusty forks and splintery wooden chopsticks. You aren’t anti-war, you are pro-Islamofascist, which puts you on the side of the folks who think women ought not be taught to read; that dissenters like yourself ought to have their legs cut off in packed football stadiums; that gays ought to be crushed beneath walls, and that anything that does not honor Allah ought to be blown to smithereens, even if it is a priceless historical artifact. You are on the side of the people who are allowing Gibson’s “Passion” to be shown in contravention of Sharia, in order to show Muslims how evil all Jew monkeys are. You are on the side of those who condemn Hitler, because the week-kneed paper hanging sonovabitch didn’t go far enough. Yes, you are in good company, WWA.
    Indeed, WWA, you’ve been very brave in picking your allies, at least I’ll say that for you — you aren’t equivocating like Ted “Swimteam” Kennedy. And because you are at least clear about which side you are on, it means you aren’t entirely meritless, even though I doubt you have the short and curlies to do anything other than rage impotently at your computer screen. Oh well, we do the best with what we have, and if you aren’t brave enough to actually do anything to hurt Americans, the next best thing is to rave anonymously and wish them ill on an obscure blog, and hope you hurt someone’s feelings. Why, that’s nearly as good as flying a plane into a tower, if you are a man of talent, in the abstract. [bonus points for any visitors who get that reference and explain it herein…]
    I just hope some day that I, or someone other ‘orrible Amerikkkan, gets a chance to convey the feelings that you inspire in us, to you in person.
    Feel free to drop in any time, WWA. We love having you to stop by and comment. Though I imagine you are missed at Indymedia or, or whatever it is that you normally irritate people.

  4. Who Tends the Fires

    WE didn’t fall – the sonofa “News”man pushed us…

    The Word for the Day is: Scrofulous… We have a WINNER!!! LC Steve, KotE guessed Air Force One with Harrison Ford giving the Presidential speech from our Pop Quiz yesterday. Your Official Radio Free No-Prize is in the mail, Steve….