*Stephen Pollard conducts an orchestra, and tells us why the multiple encomia heaped upon Sir Peter Ustinov on the occasion of his passing miss one important thing: the man was an apologist for every manner of totalitarianism.
*Yobbo discovers the miracle of capitalism in a window-washing 10-year old boy, and Tex finds it in the pizza-delivery industry.
*Nelson Ascher of Europundits—a site I designed, incidentally– imagines Count Dracula’s obituary as written by a modern paper (“one man’s vampire is another man’s freedom fighter”.) Extremely funny.
*Our favorite grumpy lefty, Roy Edroso, briefly agrees with Ralph Peters. In related news, the temperature in Hell is reaching record lows. Seriously though, Roy’s on a tear about everything, and I mean that as the highest compliment.