The train, in Spain, for which our Bush is Blamed…

Evidently, another Al Qaida (or Ansar al Islam – you know, the terrorist group that had monster training camps in Northern Iraq) bomb was found on a high speed train in Spain this morning.
I’d like to pose this question to our Spanish trolls:
Do you think Al Qaida would leave you alone, if you surrendered a bit faster, or a bit more abjectly?
France seems to have managed to stay off the list. Maybe if you cranked up the anti-Americanism a bit higher, AQ would leave you alone. Of course AQ are still upset about the whole Tragedy of Andalusia thing, when you all evicted them from what you call Espana because you were tired of being second class Kufrs in Al Andalus.
Perhaps to get to the bottom of all these bomb plots, you need a good investigator. I hear that Joe Wilson is willing to investigate, so long as it involves drinking a bladder-busting quantity of sweet mint tea with Arab officials…



  1. Dave J

    Ah yes, the perpetual willful-blindness logic of appeasement: if only we surrender “enough,” everything will be OK.

  2. Steve

    The Spanish seem to think the Moselem world has forgotten that they too once were Crusaders. Having at least obtained the interest of the Spanish people, who went running like dogs with theeir tails between their legs, I would have thought that the UK, France, or Italty, possibly Germany, would have been targeted by now. The UK should be the hotspot, but France should not be far behind (nor Italy).
    The U.S. of course excepts another major attack, one we hope we can defeat, but in the interim we don’t plan to run like cowards from the scene of battle, wherever that may lead. (Allah willing, with the re-election of George Bush as president.) (Am unsure that the other wimp, err…candidate…err…veteran….err anti-war demonstrator may decide to do and doubt he knows it either.
    Sadly our Aussie and many other friends are also threatened by terrorist attacks and the U.S. is certainly honor bound to come to the aid of our allies in such difficult times. The Aussies were the only large country, the ony member of the English speaking countries of the world, to come to the aid of the U.S. in Vietnam. That will not soon be forgotten by some of us and while the Aussie troop contingent in Iraq is not a huge one, it came equipped and ready to fight in defense of the democracies of the western world like the U.S. and U.K. Wish I could say the same for Canada and New Zealand.

  3. Al Maviva

    Hi Ho, Steverino, (Bonus points if you can tell me the source of that greeting)
    our British cousins have come under attack. I blogged about it a couple days ago, right here. (Scroll about 2/3ds down.
    The difference is, they were on guard and caught the bastards, um, white handed as it were with Ammonium nitrate, before they could get their big bomb assembled.

  4. Steve

    Al: That’s too easy. Steve Allen, my generation’s talk show host (along with Johnny Carson for another). Allen and Carson were easily superior to anything your generation has to offer. πŸ˜‰
    I recall your post and found nothing to disagree with but took a glance to be sure. πŸ™‚ Alas, in the U.S., large quantities of ammonium nitrates move around rather easily in view of the size of our corporate farming interests. One merely pours the right quantity of kerosene over the stuff, drives it up to a Federal building in Oklahoma City, and touches it off… sad to say this can be done by domestic as well as foreign terrorists. State of Oklahoma is still trying to try Timothy McVey’s buddy in state court for murder. They hang ’em in Oklahoma, but the Federal government didn’t have the death penalty then. They do now.
    We regret the consternation our death penalty gives our European friends. Considering the amount of time and expense required to actually fry, hang, or poison someone (hanging seems to have fallen into disfavor) it’s of questionable value, i.e., not as cost effective as life imprisonment. But we’re a bunch of crazy yanks that most of the world can’t (or could care less about) understanding anyway, so we try to persist in as many of our “frontier habits” as possible just to maintain our image.
    At any rate I commend any and all for catching the bad guys in action. Wish it were always that way.
    Have recently purchased the one hour recording of Mr. Clarke given on NPR in late March. Haven’t had a chance to listen to it yet and compare it with his testimony before the 911 committee (both are available from although I think I purchased the latter at the iTunes Music Store).
    Hmm….date appears to be March 24, “Fresh Air,” NPR. Had busy weekend and am just now getting caught up with splashing my thoughts all over Sasha’s blog. πŸ™‚

  5. Steve

    Al: addendum….
    I dislike being called “Steverino.”
    Besides, my name isn’t “Steve.”
    Ask Sasha. Maybe she’ll spill my secret as I’m a hopeless, from a distance, admirer of hers. πŸ˜‰
    But I was a great fan of Steve Allen. πŸ™‚

  6. John Anderson

    Right show, the original Tonight Show starring Steve Allen, but add that “Hi Ho, Steverino!” was the greeting from one of Louis Nye’s characters.
    Don Knotts, Tom Poston… and a lot of “Fern in your creel” fun.

  7. Dave J

    I’m beginning to wonder if you know my dad, “Steve,” but that’s as far I’ll go on the subject in a public place.

  8. Steve

    John: I’d have to research that, but vaguely recall that Louis Nye’s career began about the same time as the Steve Allen Show. I don’t believe the “Steverino” tagline was hung on Allen (or adopted by him) until he had his nightly talk show. I will defer to your obvious well informed comments.
    But Louis Nye I never particularly liked. Steve Allen I did. I suppose things of this sort are all largely relative??? πŸ™‚
    Dave J: That depends. If the “J” in your name stands for “Jobs” then I’m your dad, not some stranger.