A bad, bad thing: Orbach may leave ‘Law & Order’
He is irreplaceable. The show will never be the same.
Now I’m curious: will they off him a la Dzundza/Hennessy, or just write him out like Angie Harmon/Ben Bratt?
If Anthony La Paglia weren’t already occupied in Without A Trace, I’d suggest him. Now that ER has killed off Paul McCrane, he’d be suitably grumpy and world-weary. Chris Cooper. Scott Glenn.
Any other ideas?



  1. Terry Reynolds

    Sasha – I saw an item indicating that he may move to yet another series in the “Law & Order franchise next season. Its working title seems to be “Law & Order: Trial by Jury”. No further information. But you’re right … L&O will never be the same. Best, Terry

  2. Dave J

    I said here before that L&O would never jump the shark while Orbach was still on it. I’m not saying it will if he leaves, but it certainly becomes a distinct possibility. The cast is still OK, but has been getting weaker: for instance, neither Dianne Wiest nor Fred Thompson has really done a good job filling Steven Hill’s shoes as DA, and Elisabeth Rohm’s Serena Sutheryln is STILL basically just a pretty-looking blank slate as a character.
    I’m know it’s practically blasphemy to say so, but I think that, in a number of ways, SVU is now a better show than its parent, even though Richard Belzer doesn’t have nearly the opprtunities on it as Munch that he did on Homicide.

  3. Yobbo

    Criminal Intent is better than both. D’onofrio rocks, and the suspects are all malevolent evil geniuses. What more could you want?

  4. Dave J

    D’Onofrio does kick ass, but for some reason, the plots on Criminal Intent all seem the same. Or maybe I just haven’t watched it enough. Something else for my ever-expanding “to do” list. 😉

  5. Tex

    “Criminal Intent” blows goats, and SVU has plummeted into “you have sexual fantasies about your mother, don’t you?” psychobabble.
    L&O is still the best, even though Elizabeth Rohm is a talentless, stone-faced mannequin