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Question asked.
Question answered.
Didn’t know there was a test going on today.
That middle article is especially worth a gander. A year after the fact, Jackson Diehl can discuss the rationale for war in Iraq so scary, that none dare speak its name. Other than a few bloggers, Perle and Wolfowitz.
This Derbyshire special is one for the permanent archives. I don’t know why he gets a bad name… he’s merely exceptionally honest and an old fashioned conservative.
Ooops. Talk about question asked, question answered.

The nice thing about America, is we are willing to do what it takes to provide a level playing field. Since things were kinda crappy for girls in education for about 120 years or so, we’ve decided to level the playing field by ensuring boys get screwed for the next 120 years. This last year, around 40% of incoming college freshman were men, 60% were women. The percentage of men drops each year. Yet still the old line feminists insist that the education system is hostile to women, and we need to do more to feminize schools. Many of our boys are drugged up and classified as disabled, basically because they act… like little boys. Single sex education sometimes helps, especially for at risk kids – boys and girls alike. Evidently, the status quo is preferable, for democratic reasons. And Democratic reasons as well.
I’m sure the alleged terrorists captured this morning in London with a ton of ammonium nitrate were simple farmers, working at one of those big ranches that litter downtown London, where the corn grows as high as an elephant’s eye.
And the alleged terrorists captured with several hundred pounds of TNT in the Phillipines were… um… this is tougher… hang on… ahh, yes. Workers in a gravel pit. Yeah, that’s it. They are miners, innocents caught up in an Ashcroftian dragnet of hideous strength.
And this guy, claiming that the U.S. interrupted Al Qaida plans to attack LA and Chicago… well, he’s clearly a big phony. Rumor has it, he was in Skull and Bones with Prescott Bush’s masseuse, Abdullah. Everybody knows that the attack on the U.S. on 9/11 was about that Midland Oil pipeline to run oil from Trashcanistan, to Israel; and it wouldn’t have happened if the U.S. didn’t embrace that torturer, Sharon.
Besides, all three stories are made up or at least totally exaggerated, phony put-up jobs to convince people there is some terrorist threat and we need to keep this phony war going and reelect Bush. Law enforcement tactics will win the war on terror; it begs the question – why have we never tried that before.
Oh well, doesn’t matter. It’s nothin but blue skies… for Mr. Clarke. Blue skies was the program to covertly support the Northern Alliance in Afghanistan, to help it overthrow the Taliban. The Bushies beefed it up, increasing funding of Blue Skies 500% in the days prior to 9/11. Dick Clarke says the Bushies didn’t care about terrorism though; but Bill Clinton was the bestest Preznit ever when it came to fighting terrorism, and I believe him. I think it’s shameful for a sitting president to stoop to insulting a poor dedicated civil servant like Mr. Clarke…
What do these articles and my comments on them have in common? Simple. It goes to show that if you want to stick your head in the sand and call it night, it will appear to you to be dark outside, and nothing will convince you otherwise. This is why I don’t argue about politics with most of my liberal friends. For the most part, they’ve passed the point where they would ever change their beliefs. They are impervious to facts or logic. If Dubya said the Earth was round, they’d whip out a DNC press release proving it was flat, and the NY Times Op-Ed page would decry the politics of personal destruction practiced by attack dogs who would use pictures and math in a slanderous attempt at shameless political gain. Wishin’ used to make it so, but there are enough sources of information out there that even the NY Times’ high quality ministers of agit-prop can’t move national events they way they used to.
As for my friends, well, they are still moved to tears by Paul Krugman. As a result, we can’t even talk about the weather any more, because they insist that Bush wrecked that too, by getting the Senate to get the U.S. to pull out of Kyoto. Never mind that it was killed by a 97-0 Senate vote in 1997… it’s still the fault of the Bushrove.
As Kelly Bundy once famously said, “it wobbles the mind.” Truer words were never spoken.


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