Censored by my own computer

For reasons unknown to me I am unable to reach the site www.georgewbush.com. There’s no filtering software of any kind on this computer. I’ve tried it in both IE6 and Netscape Navigator. My ISP is Dodo Internet.
I’d like to blame John Kerry or the Al-Aksa Martyrs Brigade for this, but I suspect it’s something more prosaic that I’m doing wrong. Any of my technically gifted readers have any idea?



  1. James Morrow

    I have dodo too, but I think it’s a problem on their end…is this the site that keeps sending out all that ridiculous political scam?

  2. Steve

    Get a Mac. 😉 That is a really ugly site anyway. The homepage is terribly cluttered. Republicans must have more patience than Democrats. (No, I’m neither. 😉 Personally I think Bush should have hired Dean’s web designers when he went down in flames. I visited his site a couple of times and it looked pretty decent (as long as you didn’t read any of the content).

  3. James

    It works fine for me, anyway. Sasha, if you’re still having problems, see if you can “ping” the webserver. In Windows, open a Command Prompt (or whatever your particular version refers to a DOS session as), then: “ping http://www.georgewbush.com“. That’ll tell us whether it’s a network problem between you and the webserver, or a browser/proxy issue…

  4. Jim Riley

    Any ISP that advertises, “Internet that flies”, and then chooses for its name and logo a flightless bird which has been extinct since around 1680 has to be suspect!

  5. Scott Wickstein

    I’ve always had great difficulties trying to read Natalie Solent’s blog- regardless of the computer or ISP- I have no idea why, but her blog is as slow as treacle for me.
    Which is a pity as she’s a great blogger.