Turning the clock back

In many places today is an important day. It’s the day that Britons wind the clock forward and go onto summer time, and the day where many states in Australia wind the clock back to come off summer time.
Let me say right now, I hate summer time. I loathe this meddling in God’s own sunshine. Spare me the cant- it’s a dodgy scheme and it is of no benefit to anyone.
As I understand it, summer time was introduced by the industrialised nations as a wartime measure- for what purpose I am sure I do not know. Why we need it in this day and age I am at a loss to know.
I just know that I really don’t like it.



  1. James

    My take on it: You want to “save daylight”? Buy a solar cell and some batteries, and quit tampering with my clock!

  2. Mike Rentner

    I wish we would stay on daylight savings all year round. The winter is when we should be saving daylight since there’s so little of it.
    I’m pretty sure it started as not a military issue, but for the farmers.
    I hate winter when I have to go to work when it’s dark, and I come home when it’s dark. If we stay on DST, it would be light when I came home anyway.

  3. James

    Better idea: instead of changing the clock so it says it’s 9am when it’s light enough to go to work, rather than saying that when it’s still dark – why not just change your working hours to suit? Start work at 10am instead of 9am. You’d still be doing exactly the same thing at exactly the same time of day, you’d just be attaching a different label to that time…

  4. Dave

    Arizona really need to observe DST during the summer between April and October. To assure that they’ll have a good taste of having daylight/twilight later in the evening if the government allow to use DST which means still on the MST. However, since Arizona do not observe DST which means they are on California time (PST) will get dark early and California will still have daylight a little while longer. If Arizonas were smart enough, they can tell the local government to move the clock 1 hour foward and still be on MST, not on PST. The Indian Reservation do observe daylight savings is on MST and the rest of the state is on PST. You may want to check on http://www.sunrisesunset.com and most of USA have daylight after 8pm. Best if the people in the state of Arizona to persuade the government or vote.
    Advantages daylight savings for Amtrak, Airlines, Freight trains, other transportations, sports including Arizona Diamondbacks.
    The heat will not make any difference during the summer. Texas heat remains hot and the state observe DST and so is New Mexico.
    Farmers hate daylight savings and they are trying to activate people’s lives.