What liberal media?

Via Stefan Sharkansky’s very worthwhile new project, Oh, That Liberal Media, Dave Huber points us to alist (by a leftist!) of heavyweight media worthies who helped prepare John Kerry for debates. In Al Franken’s apartment, no less.
The other participants included:
Al Franken and his wife Franni;
Rick Hertzberg, senior editor for the New Yorker;
David Remnick, editor for the New Yorker;
Jim Kelly, managing editor for Time Magazine;
Howard Fineman, chief political correspondent for Newsweek;
Jeff Greenfield, senior correspondent and analyst for CNN;
Frank Rich, columnist for the New York Times;
Eric Alterman, author and columnist for MSNBC and the Nation;
Art Spiegelman, Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist/author of ‘Maus’;
Richard Cohen, columnist for the Washington Post;
Fred Kaplan, columnist for Slate;
Jacob Weisberg, editor of Slate and author;
Jonathan Alter, senior editor and columnist for Newsweek;
Philip Gourevitch, columnist for the New Yorker;
Calvin Trillin, freelance writer and author;
Edward Jay Epstein, investigative reporter and author;
Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., who needs no introduction.


One comment

  1. Al Maviva

    I suppose Al Franken’s contribution was to teach Kerry to tackle and punch hecklers, and to call conservative columnists homos.
    You know, I’m sickened but not amazed at the hypocrisy, that the Kobe beef-eating smarmy commie Eric Alterman participated in this, and then has the nerve to collect royalties on his book “proving” the media is right wing and not liberal… Jeebus. That lineup is the media equivalent of the 1927 Yankees.
    Hell, if I was king, I’d hire a Freeper for every newsroom in the country, and give each one just a single mission: to do this to every editor and reporter, and threaten more if they don’t report the news honestly and without bias.