I coulda been a contender

I’m not as cute as the cross-dressing crouton doctor.
Gee, thanks, guys. Way to make my ego deflate.



  1. Steve

    Deflated ego? The linked photo makes the crouton cruncher look more like an elderly tennis bum dressed for a chilly season. The face, being largely obscured, provides no basis for comparison. The choice of head covering also makes judgment of the selected red wig impossible. Crouton Doc more resembles a Jack Nicholoson publicity photo for “Down and Out in Sydney” than anything else. Your title as “Cutest” is safe…one “guy’s” opiniion.

  2. Terry Reynolds

    Sasha – If you keep archived comments, go back a couple of months and you’ll find me on record as saying that your most recent photo should carry a warning label which says “Caution – Serious Babe Alert!” Your ego should suffer not. All the best, Terry

  3. James

    I’ll join Steve and Terry there: you’re a LONG way up any list – on looks or personality, if the blog’s anything to go by!