Science Spoils All My Fun

Apologies for the disappearing act. Here’s a little something for your Friday:
Tomorrow (Saturday) at 1:49 a.m. EST is the Vernal equinox. As a kid I remember my dad telling me that you can stand an egg on its end during the equinox, and I remember standing eggs up every spring in a sort of bizarre fertility rite/science experiment.
I was telling a couple of friends at work about this the other day, and decided to Google it to figure out why the eggs stood up.
It turns out, alas, to be junk science. Apparently, we were just really good at balancing eggs.
Another piece of my childhood ruined forever. Damn you, science! Sob.
I won’t even tell you about my Mary Poppins experiment involving a large umbrella, the deck railing, and an exceptionally windy March day except to say that I have very strong bones indeed.



  1. Rockbiter

    Where I’m from, farrrrrrr West Texas, the vernal equinox usually brings us bright, sunny days full of…wind. I hate spring. It doesn’t rain much here, but we mimic a great big ol’ wind tunnel. And it gets hot. So, here you are, sweating in the wind. What does that get you? A sand suit. After a while in the wind and heat, you feel like human sandpaper. Just lovely. Oh, well, I guess I have to look on the bright side of things — at least with all that sandblasting going on, I don’t have to buy those Crest whitening strips.
    Oh, and did I mention the havoc spring plays with my seasonal allergies? Oh, if only I could hibernate now.