Beware the Ides of Saint Patrick, or something

Thirty-one trips around the sun. Happy birthday to me.
If you’d like to help me celebrate, contributions are always welcome. Stuff from Amazon is always fun to get. And something from here or here would be extra-super big of ya.



  1. Steve

    Happy Birthday. 🙂
    BTW I notice your software which was earlier returning obscure error messages that only a geek would love has undergone a reincarnation and posting all messages which it reported as failed earlier two or three times.
    My thoughts are boring enough as it is. 😉

  2. Sigivald

    Posting from the future, eh?
    Happy Birthday, y’ old fart.
    (I’ll be joining you there in six months, when I, too, shall be an old fart.)

  3. Dave J

    Isn’t Oz a day in the future, though, because of the International Date Line? Never mind, too much math involved for my mind.
    Happy birthday, Sasha!