Matt Taibbi chats up a veteran advertising guy with some unusual predictions of the ad landscape of the future:

TiVo right now is a relatively small percentage of the market. Weíre talking about 2 million people across America. But in a very short time, and everybody knows this, itís going to be at least half of America. And then where will we be? No oneís going to voluntarily watch commercials, except for people like me. And I only do it because the production values are so much better. And weíll have no choice but to focus exclusively on getting the products in the programs. Thatís already happening, but itís going to get a hell of a lot worse even by next year. You watch. By December, the defendants on Court TV will be wearing Seikos. Girl falls in a well: fireman rescuing her on CNN is wearing a Seiko. U.S. invades Syria: troops distribute TastyKakes in Damascus. And donít even think about laughing. Thatís already happening.

Ad Man also hilariously explains the difference between a “placed” ad and a “book” ad:
Okay, so you want to sell your Libby Lu Muslim teen princess fantasy package. If you put it in the book, you get one result. But if you get an article with a picture of Mary Kate X and Ashley Shabazz wearing Libby Lu princess tiaras, thatísĖshit, Iíd say a hundred times more effective. And thatís a conservative estimate. Youíve locked up your Muslim teenager demographic. Thatís worth a year of book ads.
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  1. Darth Monkeybone

    Funny you should mention product placement…I was watching Alias the other night and when Sidney and Vaughn needed a vehicle to chase the badguys, she yelled out “F-150!” I swear, the very first commercial they showed afterwards was a Ford F-150 commercial…They did it in the 50s and 60s, looks like it’s coming full circle…
    Anyway…stumbled onto your blog via Coldfury…love the writing!