Oscar musings

*Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller were not funny. Jack Black and Will Ferrell were very funny. Note this post, it may be the only time I mention the words “Jack Black” and “funny” without the words “no, not even remotely”.
*Naomi Watts’s dress is the best so far, with Julianne Moore a close second.
*Charlize, sweetie, lay off the self-tanner. You look like a carrot.
*”A Kiss At The End of the Rainbow” was ROBBED. That Annie Lennox LOTR thing was not worthy, not at all. If it couldn’t have been AKATEOTR it should have been one of the two Cold Mountain songs. And “Mitch And Mickey” did an absolutely marvelous job (they kissed!).
*I think Annie Lennox must have had a cold. She didn’t sound herself.
*Peter Jackson may be a genius, but man, what a freakin’ slob. Even Michael Moore looked better in his fat-guy tux.
*That Blake Edwards wheelchair gag was extremely lame.
*I have three words: Mrs. Adrien Brody.



  1. roy edroso

    Well, at least Mitch and Mickey did a bang-up job of the song, didn’t they?
    It was the closest thing to a human moment in the whole show.