If the sneaker fits…

One of my least favorite leftist groups is Adbusters (“The Billboard Liberation Front”) These pea-brained neo-Luddites , led by the grimly primitive Kalle Lasn, perform what they call “culture jams” : plastering over billboards with hip, ironic mockeries of the ads that once were there. This is done, ostensibly, to arrest the suicidal progress of mass commercial and corporate culture.
Well, they must have made their peace with someone, because now they’re selling an athletic shoe. A caring, renewable-hemp non-animal tested shoe, no doubt.
Nike president “Phil Knight had a dream,” the blackSpot pitch on Adbusters’ Web site says. “He’d sell shoes. He’d sell dreams. He’d get RICH. He’d use sweatshops if he had to. Then along came the new shoe. Plain. Simple. Cheap. FAIR. Designed for only one thing. Kicking Phil’s ass.
“We take on Phil at his own game and win. We turn the shoes we wear into a counter-branding game. The swoosh versus the anti-swoosh. Whose side are you on?”

So they want to destroy the capitalists by making money for themselves. Interesting theory. Of course, they’ll have to explain why people should buy their shoes and not Nikes. I guess adverts are okay when they’re promoting a squishy leftist agenda instead of “corporatism”.
Not content with merely verging on self-parody, the ‘busters splash in headlong with the news that the new sneaker is going to be produced in Asia.
Lasn tells me that he wants the blackSpot manfactured overseas so that he can promote worker’s rights worldwide and because he thinks people in other countries need jobs just as much as we do here.
Fine. But those workers are going to have to work *for* someone. Personally I’d rather work for the big multinational instead of some fly-by-night bunch of loons who might someday have a sudden, unexplained burst of good sense and realize that selling stuff in order to protest selling stuff is ludicrous.
Or maybe it’s brilliant, and perhaps Kalle Lasm is even now laughing all the way to the bank. Wouldn’t that be a hoot?
UPDATE: I take back the brilliant line: Turns out that they’re Jewish conspiracy-kooks.



  1. Sigivald

    Shouldn’t that be “Jewish-Conspiracy kooks”?
    The way it is now, it implies that Lasn, et al. are Jews.
    Which is really pretty insulting to the Jews, eh?

  2. John Anderson

    blackSpot, eh? Not fans of R L Stevenson, I suppose. Or are they hoping to become a subsidiary of Long John Silver restaurants?