Map this!

Via Samizdata, and not using the de Havilland method of counting plane stopovers (I say you actually have to touch the ground and breathe the air, at minimum), here’s the map of coutries I have visited.

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Too bad I was too young to remember a lot of my best world traveling.
And here’s my USA map:

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27 states, not too shabby. Some rather alarming exceptions: never been to California outside of LAX, or Illinois. Alaska almost didn’t count: it was to be a plane-change stop in Anchorage on the way to Korea. But our plane broke and we had to actually leave the airport grounds.



  1. David Crawford

    You’ve been to South Korea but not Japan? That’s interesting as for most people it’s the other way around. Although, all things considered, I enjoyed South Korea more than I enjoyed Japan. A lot more. So maybe you got it right.

  2. The Anger of Compassion

    Yes, I’m the Wanderer…

    Hat tip to Laura Antoniou for this one (Sasha Castel has posted her wanderings also). First we have the US states I’ve visited: create your own visited states map or write about it on the open travel guide And then…