Reminder Post

Today is Friday the 13th, a day supposed by the supersititious to be unlucky. It’s also associated with a series of Horror movies, a genre I find frankly ridiculous.
However, I suspect there will be some horror stories if you forget that tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. All the guys with wives, girlfriends, etc, will have a horror story of their own if they forget.
Personally, I think Valentine’s Day is a load of croc; a conspiracy organised by the women of the world in league with Hallmark and the International Florist Conspiracy. But I am powerless against this range, and so is every other guy in the world. So unless you are single, lads, you’d better hop it, and pick up something for the little lady in your life.
You have my sympathy. I am single; what is more, I have somehow contrived it to always be single in February, so I’ve never actually had to buy a Valentine’s Day gift.


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