This will never happen in a million years

But wouldn’t it be delightful to hear the leftoids scream bloody murder if it did?
Tony Blair and George Bush have been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for waging war on Saddam Hussein.
The pair have been put forward by a Norwegian politician who said toppling the Iraqi dictator had reduced the threat of weapons of mass destruction.
It had also laid the foundations for a democratic Iraq, said Jan Simonsen of the right-wing Party of Progress.

Other rumored nominees are Vaclav Havel, Pope John Paul II and the European Union (for what?!?).
Hey, we can dream, can’t we?



  1. Myria

    Sadly, a far more likely scenario —
    This year’s Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to former Iraqi elected and rightful president, Saddam Hussein. In explaining their decision the Nobel Committee noted the bravery of President Hussein in coming out of his spider-hole peacefully and without violence when faced with the armed might of the American Imperialist war machine.
    “President Hussein’s courage in peacefully surrendering to an illegal occupying force showed the true nature of him and his regime,” The Nobel committee noted in an open letter, “the American and British unilateralist administrations should be ashamed of what they’ve put this man and his people through.”
    President Hussein, illegally incarcerated by American occupational forces, was not able to receive his prize in person, both the medal and prize money were accepted for him by former Nobel Peace Prize winner Yassir Arafat who vowed that the peace prize money would go towards continuing President Hussein’s noble policy of paying off the surviving family members of Palestinian peace bombers.

  2. Alan K. Henderson

    The Nobel Peace Prize is a pet peeve of mine. It was a monument to do-nothing peacenikery from the very beginning. Very few laureates can actually claim to have made actual long-term improvements in the human condition. Some, like Henry Kissinger (I’m thinking Paris Peace Accords, not that Chilean mess) and Yasser Arafat, have doe the opposite.
    My prediction is that the 2004 prize will name Schroeder, Chiraq, and the EU.