Pizza in the middle of nowhere

On the Monaro Highway that connects Canberra and Cooma is the small town of Bredbo. It’s a lonely little place, not appreciably near anywhere, and with no particular reason to go there unless you’re in transit.
Except for the Bredbo Pizzeria.
The words “WOOD-FIRED PIZZA” cried out to me and I stopped in for a bite.
The verdict? Phenomenal. This is a pizza in the grand style of New York pizzerias like John’s and Angelo’s (not slices, have yet to find that in Australia). The sauce and cheese are in perfect proportion, and the crust is a masterpiece of pizzahood: crisp yet tender, with the smoky flavor and slight charring characteristic of the best wood-fired pizza. The large pizza is plenty to feed two hungry pizzaheads. The Seppelt vineyard abuts the property, so you can buy a bottle even though technically the pizzeria is BYO.
I would say, after careful consideration, that Bredbo Pizzeria equals or even beats the Cork Street Cafe in the Australian quality pizza stakes. It deserves a visit, even if you’re not passing through.



  1. Dave J

    I think I may have you beat for the most obscurely-located Australian-owned pizzeria: as I recall, the place was along a winding (barely) two-lane road in the foothills of the Balkan mountains up in the sparsely populated northeastern corner of Greece, not far from the Turkish border. And it was open at 3 in the morning.
    I don’t think it was as good as Bredbo sounds, but not bad by any means.

  2. Todd

    Bredbo is a very popular stop for all the visiting Canberra Rugby Teams in the region. One of the real joys of playing the game they play in heaven in the ACT is that we normally all jump in the team bus after the game and go for pizza and plonk in Bredbo. Thanks for the memories.