The C Word

Well, it’s happened. The suits have whipped out the “c-word” in response to the uber-boob and subsequent panic attack.
Yes, it’s true. If the FCC fines you for indecency, then the only result is, “a serious risk of chilling free speech.”
Okay everyone, deep breath. It was an inappropriate tit. Those responsible (and by that I mean Jackson, Timberlake, and MTV) should be fined and issue an apology. Then we can all move on. And trust me, we’d like to move on.

For those of you following along at home, moving on does NOT include freaking out, banning the owner of the aforementioned inappropriate tit from ever appearing live on tv again (OMG! Like, stone her!), putting kill switches all over every piece of live broadcasting equipment ever made, or declaring that a monetary penalty by the FCC is the Death of The First Amendment (OMG OMG OMGWTF!). Additionally, moving on does not include desperate finger pointing, baldfaced lying about how “shocked and appalled” you and your ENTIRE FAMILY were, and modelling the latest in hair shirts for the enjoyment of the ATONE NOW police.
Repeat after me: It was an inappropriate tit. A publicity stunt perpetrated by an aging sex symbol, a man-child desperate to one-up his ex on the “shocking” scale, and a broadcasting company so mired in sleaze that it never occurred to them that turning the Super Bowl into a titty bar might be a little over the top bad taste-wise.
Hey, networks? Pay the fines. Then dig deep and TRY to remember that while dropping the f-bomb on a bunch of eight year olds during prime time might be within the purview of free speech, it is certainly not within the purview of good taste and as such, you might need to pay a little cash to the FCC if you’re bound and determined to do it. If the thought of losing cash chills you, then it’s merely filling the role once played by self-restraint.



  1. David

    Why is America so afraid of the female breast? We idolize it yet fear it.
    What we need to do is simply get over it.
    I found the air humping and crotch holding rather offensive, especially for a “family” oriented show. But a breast? Big deal.
    Get over it forever folks.

  2. Mike Rentner

    It’s strange that when an almost private organization like CBS (yes, I’m using the term private loosely here) decides to take matters into its own hands to protect itself from angry customers, people complain. I thought that this would be exactly how a libertarian or small government advocate would want things to be handled.
    Janet Jackson was out of line. Whether or not some individuals are offended by her breast is not the point. The point is that our society expects not to see this at this time and a large part of the population is offended. They’re allowed to be offended, it’s a free country.
    CBS is justified in banishing her from more live television.
    The government is not justified in taking action, though.