Ricin-Aroni… the San Francisco Treat

So somebody is letter bombing Senator Frist and the President with Ricin. That’s bad.
Check out this article on Ricin from EMedicine. Money quote:

The only effective treatment for ricin toxicity is prevention.

That’s worse. ‘Nother words, you inhale it or get it in your bloodstream otherwise, you die. Or as the docs who write for E-Medicine.com so quaintly put it,

For aerosol or pulmonary exposure, provide standard critical care treatment directed toward acute lung injury and pulmonary edema. Maintain a low threshold to secure the patient’s airway and ensure adequate oxygenation and ventilation. Obtain a chest x-ray, which may show infiltrates. The clinical course progresses despite antibiotic therapy.

Nother words, you inhale some particles, you will suffocate to death, losing the ability to breathe. Treatments don’t work. Nice.

It gets better, too. Turns out, the lead suspect is a truck driver who sent a threatening letter to the Whitehouse, protesting new Department of Transportation regulations relating to over-the-road truck drivers. That trucker said he had access to ricin pulp, and he’d use it.
Some other places Ricin has been found:
– In London, in the residence of Chechen separatists – who’ve been increasingly Islamo-radicalized.
– Here’s the left wing Democrats.com reminding us that David Kay did find a WMD program in Baghdad – a Ricin program, which the CIA confirms.
– White supremacists had a Ricin plot in the works a few years ago, when it was foiled by the feds.
So I’m not saying who did this, or who didn’t. Just that it’s a little too early to focus on disgruntled truck drivers with a beef about federal regulations.