244 Killed on Hadj in Mecca

I noticed that 244 devout Muslims were killed in a stampede while on Hadj.
I suppose we would have seen coverage of Americans dancing in the streets, firing rifles into the air, handing out candy and shouting “death to the Muslims” — except that Jews control the media, as everybody knows. So we didn’t get any television coverage.
It’s not clear at this time, whether the ire of the American man in the street was caused by Muslim hegemony over world oil supplies; over a lack of hope brought about by the dismal tyranny of the Bush regime; or the Saudis’ failure to build health care clinics in Pocatello, Idaho, as the alleged militant Tommy Thompson has done.
One thing is for sure: the CIA probably caused it. We know they sent secret messages to all the Texans on the Hadj, so that none of them were killed. We know this because no Texans were among the dead, and because a grad student in Brazil told us so.

That’s sarcasm, by the way, humor, just in case anybody was planning on putting out a fatwa on me, and sending the thick-necks by my house to slaughter me in cold blood, as Allah decrees, like the Zionist pig dog that I am.
So have a hearty laugh.
Then send ’em. I’ll be waiting with a 12 gauge loaded with a homemade concoction of pork rinds with a hog tallow binder. They may get me, but rest assured, there’ll be no 72 raisins for any of them.



  1. Al Maviva

    I’m an open minded guy but I’m starting to have grave doubts about the compatibility of most forms of Islam with a pluralistic government, democracy, or a pluralistic world, for that matter.
    But that’s okay. John Kerry says we really need to withdraw quite a bit from the middle east and concentrate on providing free health care at home. Yeah, that’ll fix the problem. In other news, Bill Frist has agreed to fix the social security problem by sticking his head in the sand…

  2. Steve

    Oh my this is rather inflammatory. May I recommend #4 buck instead of the pork rinds, et al? If one gets too carried away with hyperbole the result could be a jam of the 12 guage at a most unfortunate time. LOL