Some movie buff I am

Via Edroso, I just found the list of 2003 Oscar nominees As someone who in better days considered considered herself a movie buff, it’s more than a bit unsettling to discover that I’ve not only not seen any of the films nominated, I’ve never even HEARD of many of them. I could turn the cultural-elitist cheek and say “well, movies ain’t what they used to be”, but to tell you the cold hard truth, I’m just too much of a lazy ass to go to a movie theater. There’s too much good TV on. I suppose when these movies wend their way to Australia I may be persuaded to go see a few. But frankly, it’ll be a hard sell. (Gladiator for best picture, anyone?)
One good thing I noticed: The song “A Kiss At The End Of The Rainbow”, a hippy-drippy folk song from a film ( A Mighty Wind) that delights in taking the piss out of hippy-drippy folksingers, was nominated for Best Original Song. And it deserved it. In spite of my loathing for all things folksy, that was a genuinely good, sweet and catchy song. I wonder if they’ll have Eugene Levy and Catherine O ‘Hara singing it on the Oscar telecast?


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  1. Dave J

    Do see “Lost in Translation” when you can, and on the big screen, not TV. Oz may not be quite as much of a culture clash for an American as Japan, but I still think you’d probably appreciate it more than most.