The sad and strange story of Spalding Gray

Alex Williams‘ fascinating and terrifying article tells the story of the last few months of actor and monologist Gray, who suffered terrible pain and depression after a nearly fatal car wreck in Ireland. After several unsuccessful suicide attempts, Gray disappeared earlier this month and hasn’t been seen since.
I saw Gray’s Anatomy on stage at Lincoln Center Theater several years ago, and the monologue was the closest thing to stand-up Gray had ever done: intimate, wry, confessional, and taking just enough piss out of himself and the various alternative and traditional healers he visited to cure himself of an eye ailment. (Stephen Soderbergh’s 1996 film doesn’t really capture it, and you can definitely fast-forward through the squirm-inducing scenes of average Joes and Janes recounting their various eye traumas.)
I hope that Gray is found alive, and that he and his family can find some peace.



  1. Jill Uhler

    Same here, Sasha. I saw Spalding’s Monster in a Box and all his films. I also stood next to him one year in Central Park, cheering on NYC marathon runners as they entered their last mile. Spald. Where are you?