Don’t look now, but the Blithering Idiot is being stalked.
BI, AKA Bill Sulik, who is neither blithering, nor an idiot, has been “outed” by a professional acquaintence, who has taken to smearing him as a “sexist Reaganite.”
The stalker, whom Bill has graciously not named, is trying to get him fired by emailing around quotes from Bill’s blog to his apparently irritated co-workers.
The only problem, is Bill’s blog is eminently reasonable from what I’ve seen, and the stalker is taking quotes that Bill has lifted from other blogs (to criticize) as evidence of his misogyny.
If Bill was a class-free act like myself, hed be emailing the contact information to everybody on the web and asking all of us bloggers to perform a little corrective training on the mystery stalker.
But Bill is a class act, and hes soldiering on without sinking to the stalkers level.
Drive on Bill – hang in there.