RIP David Hookes

If your not an Australian, or a devoted cricket fan, you’ve probably never heard of David Hookes. If you are, then you know Hooksey was a deadset legend in his own lunchbox, a great entertainer on the cricket field and a larger then life personality.
He was bashed senseless by an arsehole of a bouncer and died last night in hospital.
Heaps of Aussie blokes are probably like me; stunned at the death of a bloke that they idolised growing up in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Even though his cricket career didn’t take off in the way everyone hoped, he was still well respected for his talent, his willingness to have a go, and the way he stuck by his mates. After his career on the field ended, he worked in the media, and was coaching the Victorian cricket team, with some success.
Thanks for the memories Hooksey!