Racist Democrats?

A very interesting column by Jay Bryant pointing out that in addition to being the only African-American woman to serve in the US Senate,Carol Moseley-Braun is also, incredibly, the only black Democrat to serve in that august body.
Think about that for a minute. African-Americans have been overwhelmingly Democratic for at least sixty years. Democrats claim to be the party of civil rights and black advancement. Yet only one black Democrat has ever been elected to the Senate.
Incidentally, there have been three black Republican senators. Dontcha know.

Democrats will let African-Americans serve in the House of Representatives, but only after carefully carving out black-majority, which is to say segregated, districts for them. Well, you can’t expect white Democrats to vote for one of them, can you?
So the Democratic Party’s policy, throughout the modern, post-World War II era has been to create separate-but-equal congressional districts. Keep blacks in the ghetto – the urban plantation. The handful of African-American Republican members of Congress, by contrast, have come from suburban and rural areas, where they have been, often enthusiastically, supported by Republican voters. Moreover, whenever the Republican Party has attempted to run black candidates in black areas, they lose overwhelmingly, and this pattern holds for other offices, too.
White Republicans have no problem whatsoever voting for black Republicans, when they can find one to vote for. Black Democrats won’t vote for a black Republican. White Democrats won’t vote for a black Democrat. Which is the racist party?

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  1. Sharps Shooter

    When we view ‘racism’ as a white-person’s problem, we miss the larger reality of racism being an attitude of bigotry and bias no matter WHO holds that bigotry and bias.
    Democrats shame themselves, and their record supports their shameful actions since WWII.

  2. triticale

    Duh to you too. Senatorial candidates are generally selected by the party heirarchy; even an upstart must get thru the primary process where the selection is made by the registered voters of that party. A candidate who runs as a Republican and is elected will have been elected by voters who either identify themselves as Republicans or or hold similar positions.

  3. Eye Opener

    Oh, and David? The theme here is that some obvious racist dynamics have been identified, and need be addressed. Primarily among and by Dems, and secondarily by Republicans.
    These pre-vote selection processes… the biased college-entrance processes… so many subtle ways that humans in America still subvert our higher, best interests, and judge people by their color instead of meeting them by their character…
    We’ve yet a way to go, in realizing the oneness of humankind…