Left Handed Humor

Just in case you thought leftist scolds were a bunch of humorless, eat-your-peas-‘cuz-Trotsky-says-they’re-good-for-you bastards, here comes this nice little bit by former Clinton adviser Stanley Greenberg. He argues in The Guardian that the Democrats can break the 50/50 right/left split in the U.S. by simply highlighting the better angels of their nature.
Money quote:

Democratic commitment to waging the war on terrorism and maintaining a strong defence, and reassurances on values and the family may never really get heard if terrorism is ongoing and America moves from war theatre to war theatre.

Wow. Democratic commitment to waging the war on terrorism. Did he really write that? Yeah, I guess so.
Sheesh. My ribs hurt. Stop. No really, stop it. You’re killing me. Possibly literally.
See? Like I said, I think I detect more than a trace of self deprecating humor in all this. Everybody knows the Dems (with just a few exceptions) don’t give a flying fark about national security – except as an issue to run against. It’s either guns or butter, right guys?
Next up for the Guardian: Howard Dean to run on his plan to defend America from Islamofascism; George Bush to run on his “better diction for all” platform; and Dennis Kucinich to run on his “no, I just made up all that crazy paranoid horseshit” theme.
As for the Guardian, well, this is the greatest joke they’ve played since they asked Harold Pinter for a hundred words on George Bush, and then asked him not to use the terms “blood”, “bloody”, “blood spattered”, “blood soaked”, or “genocidal maniac.”
As for Mr. Greenberg… I don’t know what he’s drinking, but I’m writing his lobbying firm and asking them to send me a case of it.



  1. J.R.

    Hey, don’t be greedy. Put me down for a case too. 😉 I dunno why Deano thinks he can even begin to talk about protecting an entire nation when he can’t even protect his own state. His Vermont Yankee Nuclear Reactor received the worst rating of the nations 103 reactors.
    Click here for full story.

  2. Al Maviva

    Yeah, well, as Drudge and ABC have it, he doesn’t do a very good job of protecting women from domestic violence either, at least not when their husbands are on his staff.
    Sorry my Deaniac friends, but if what ABC says is true, it’s rather sickening. But that’s okay, I’m sure all y’all will find some way to excuse it. Go ahead, try. If it worked for the DNC with Clinton, I’m sure it will work for you…

  3. M. Scott Eiland

    “Sorry my Deaniac friends, but if what ABC says is true, it’s rather sickening.”
    It’ll be even more sickening if Dean continues as the front-runner, only to have NOW and their fellow travellers in the feminist movement sell their souls yet again regarding mistreatment of actual women by a politician who is willing to kowtow to their extreme absolutist reading of abortion rights. Sickening, but all too predictable.