More Iraq War Crimes…Yawn

Firing upon military medical personnel clearly marked by a red cross is illegal under international laws governing warfare.
Where’s the outrage? Where are all the do-gooders now?
A purely rhetorical question to be sure. It just points out the selective outrage of some — U.S. must adhere to rules, no one else must adhere to rules.



  1. Sharps Shooter

    I was correcting 5th-grade homework in Bangkok, when my friend called and told me to turn the TV on, something I ‘HAD to see…’ … at 2320?
    The TV was on only a minute and a half, with some building buring blackly, when plane 2 hit the other building beside it…
    THAT catalytic event is etched on my mind’s eye, and since that moment the selective outrage of the diseased among us has made it easier to diagnose and identify them.
    One small benefit flowing from that sacrifice of such inestimable value, that blue September morn.

  2. Fred the frog

    Today (01/13)in Iraq US soldiers have rashly open fire on civilians after an attack on one of their humvees. 10 yo boy killed, father killed, mother and aunt severely wounded…
    Do you considering it one of the numerous outcoms of war, or a war crime ?
    That’s war man!… and at war some fire on ambulances, other fire on civilians. Big question is to know if it (war) was necessary ?
    Other question is to know if war in Iraq was consequence of 9/11, or continuation the republican’s way of a democrat anti Saddam policy ?
    Last question : is W Bush president of USA, or a puppet in hands of what is supposed to be his team ?

  3. John Anderson

    “Firing upon military medical personnel clearly marked by a red cross is illegal under international laws governing warfare.”
    Well, maybe they don’t believe that the Coalition does not follow the Palestinian practice of using ambulances to move munitions?
    Fred, I hope if you’re ever in a crowd and people in that crowd start firing guns (or throwing 10-kilo building “stones”) at someone manning a belt-fed machine gun, you have sense enough to drop, pray, and crawl away – not keep standing – becuase the heavy gunner WILL shoot back.

  4. Fred the frog

    I could not believe the heavy gunner might be an US soldier… A guy whom country is the leading democracy in the worl…eh…universe ! A soldier who fight to free people by shooting at them method : “I shot the crowd, God will recognize the good ones”.
    I’ve just seen ABC News footage showing an Apache shooting 30 mm shells on supposed terrorists… They have killed one after they’ve wounded him. Hearing Rumsfeld speaking of Geneva conventions is quite laughable after such video.
    I understand now why some people are enjoyed to see pictures of killed US soldiers !