Put the daffodil down, walk away from the centerpiece

For reasons I cannot begin to fathom, Louisiana requires florists to pass a licencing exam. Practicing flower arrangement illegally could net you a $250 fine.
Although Meadows has nearly a decade of experience arranging flowers, she has never managed to pass the state’s two-part florist licensing exam, which includes a one-hour written test and a four-hour practical test. The arrangements created in the latter part of the exam are judged by licensed florists, the very people with whom the applicant intends to compete.
I’m speechless.



  1. Dave J

    Well before I finished my three-year stay there, I concluded that Louisiana is one of those things that can never be explained. Why anything happens there the way it does is simply one of the mysteries of the universe.

  2. Acorns from an Okie

    When Flowers are Outlaws, Only Outlaws Will Have Flowers

    It’s sad when someone attempts to use federal courts to circumvent a state law. Of course, this will probably become a hot states-rights issue in the upcoming presidential elections. The state, obviously, is just attempting to keep flowers and greenery