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On my way to work tonight, I was driving northbound on MacArthur when all of a sudden an SUV had either stopped or severely reduced speed in front of me. I hit the brakes, but the car did not stop in time, so I ran into the SUV. It appears that my Ford ranger hit an icy spot at the wrong time. The SUV was stopped several car lengths in front of another vehicle that had been stopped. Nobody was injured. The SUV had minor damage to the rear. The front end of the pickup was caved in, and the driver’s side door will not open or close all the way. I do not know how the insurance company will rule on a collision from the rear exacerbated by road ice. I’ll be back to relying on Dallas Area Rapid Transit to get to and from work, but I’ll have to find a ride from somebody on Sunday nights as the two buses that go to that part of Irving do not run on weekends. Any hits to the PayPal button would be greatly appreciated.
(Ed note: All of us here wish Alan a speedy recovery and use of his car very soon.–SC)



  1. Alan K. Henderson

    I didn’t see ice anywhere else on my way to work. It was bitter cold, though. I must have driven over one of those spots where the city water sprinklers sporadically spray water on the road.
    I don’t have an official verdict yet, but the truck is a goner. The front end is caved in almost clear to the front axle.