New Year’s resolutions

I’ve never been one to make formal resolutions. That sort of thing is more of an ongoing process. Over the past year my two big resolutions were healthier eating and getting some modest exercise. For the latter, I’m starting out with a jogging trampoline and 15 minutes of jogging per day. (Sidewalks and 43-year-old knees don’t mix.)
I’m not drinking as many Cokes as I used to, and I’m not eating double portions of spaghetti and devouring entire 20-ounce pizzas in one sitting. My weight was peaking at 215 pounds a year ago, and now I’m down to 180. Doesn’t mean goodbye to Coke and pizza – just less of it. Aside from ending the overeating, I’ve been buying Tropical Oasis liquid multivitamins. Vitamins absorb into the body more readily ad completely when in a liquid state, and the Tropical Oasis product has all the vitamins, 22 amino acids, several herbs, and virtually every element on the Periodic Table that isn’t inert or radioactive. (Have you had your RDA of manganese, strontium, and ruthenium today?)
Then there’s my two medical adventures – LASIK surgery back in March (with a follow-up operation on the right eye in June), and a recent and long-neglected periodontal cleaning. I have an appointment with a gum specialist on the 13th to look into regenerating some of the bone support that has eroded. Do not underestimate the value of semiannual teeth cleanings. I hope that those of y’all who are cursed with nationalized medicine are even able to get teeth cleanings twice a year. Otherwise, defecting to a more market-friendly country may be a resolution worth considering.
I took care of two other ongoing resolutions today. I bought a new briefcase to replace the battered laptop case I’ve been bringing to work, and a highback chair for my computer area, a more comfy alternative to the dinky swivel chair I’ve been using. And a few days ago I finally handed in a short bio to our bloghostess.
I’d like to suggest one resolution each for Blogger and Movable Type. The latter needs a spell checker; the former needs a better one (like the one it was using when I first started blogging). Blogger’s spell checker doesn’t have the intelligence to speculate that a misspelled word ending with “ig” might actually end in “ing,” and it doesn’t recognize words such as blog, blogger, and fisk.
UPDATE: Oh, I guess I should list a few future resolutions. One is to do some foreign travel. As I posted earler, I want to go to Tokyo this November for the 50th anniversary of the original release of Gojira (aka Godzilla). Ironically, my work schedule is such that I can fly to Japan without getting jet lag. That resolution could be bundled with another – making at least one blogger bash. I resolve to make some connections with the Texas Astronomical Society to get the stuff to build that toy I’ve been wanting for a long time – an 18″ Dobsonian telescope. When I do, it’s Blogger Star Party time! (But I’m not hauling a scope the size of dishwasher to Japan.) Healthwise, I need more fruits and veggies in my diet. For the computer, one of these days I’ll make the switch to DSL. I hope that Everyone’s Internet will someday resolve to offer DSL so I don’t have to get a new email address.



  1. Alan K. Henderson

    I had to return to chair, and spend part of Sunday recovering from the back strain that sitting in it caused.
    Doesn’t anybody who makes swivel office chairs know a bloody thing about the natural shape of the human spine? Maybe I should look somewhere other than office supply stores.