The food of the gods

Via Paul Frankenstein: news of a pizza blog, which gets my hearty and unilateral endorsement.
Incidentally, the best pizza I’ve had since I left NYC a year ago is in, of all places, the small town of Gundaroo, NSW, at the Cork Street Cafe. Gundaroo is not much bigger than the cafe (although a building on the main/only street hilariously advertises the Gundaroo Literary Society), but there is some seriously delicious pizza to be had. Savory, crisp-crusted, with just enough topping and ultra-fresh cheese. They also make the best focaccia I have ever tasted. Unusually for a pizza restaurant, they also make phenomenal desserts. If their flourless chocolate-almond cake is available the day you’re there, do not turn it down.
As far as New York pizza goes, some of the absolute best:
1. Sal’s and Carmine’s on Broadway and 102nd ( they don’t deliver, but you’ll gladly go there to pick it up)
2. Broadway Pizza and Pasta on 231 Street, just west of Broadway. Looks like your average slice joint, but makes a killer pie, not to mention awesome veal Parmigiana.
3. Totonno’s in Coney Island. Yes, it’s on everyone’s list, yes it’s a pain to get to, but every serious pizza head must spend a few hours on the D train to taste the real, heavenly thing. Barring that, the outpost on Second Avenue near 81 street is almost as good.
4. Giovanni’s, on Arthur Avenue. They offer you a choice of regular-baked or wood-oven-baked. Spring the extra few bucks. Also, don’t be fooled by the greasy-slice stand in front. You want the restaurant with table service in the back. Better slices can be had at Tony and Tina’s up the street.
(More of my thoughts on pizza from last April, here)