Featuring a jar of kimchi named Rosebud

I’m flipping through the TV guide and my eye lands on one of the most arresting opening lines of a movie review I have ever seen, in reference toThe Foul King:
Possibly the Citizen Kane of Korean wrestling movies…
Now this begs a few questions:
1: Is the Korean wrestling movie a recognized genre among esoteric film buffs?
2. The qualifier “possibly” indicates that The Foul King may not, in fact, be the pinnacle of the genre. Which Korean wrestling movie is better than The Foul King?
3. Does this mean that The Foul King is an overly long, boring Korean wrestling movie filled with cinematographic trickery??



  1. Al Maviva

    “The Citizen Kane of Korean Wrestling Movies…”
    Well, thank God it wasn’t the “Satyricon” of Korean Wrestling Movies.
    And if that was the Citizen Kane of Korean Wrestling Movies, exactly what stood in for “Rosebud”?

  2. Emily

    I just laughed out loud at that.
    Al – what? Do you think Korean wrestlers have no need for sleds?