What to do with Sodam Insane?

There are three things we realistically can do with Saddam:
1. Bring him over to Gitmo and try him in America
2. Hand him over to an international tribunal-The Hague
3. Have an Iraqi tribunal try him (this is what they are apparently leaning towards, I believe)
I think, however, that these things are too good for him. What I want you guys to do is come up with creative ways to punish him. For example: I remember people in Iraq smacking his pictures with their shoes back when we smahsed his army. What we do is being him into a stadium and let people come up to him and smack him and generally humiliate him.
Another interesting idea is to let an unfortunate accident happen where our security “accidentally fails” and an enraged Iraqi kills him. Or, he commits suicide by shooting himself in the head three times ;). Any suggestions?



  1. Dave J

    It goes rarely-mentioned that there are a few Mongolian troops in Iraq after a short absence of only around 800 years, PR disaster that it would be to make a big deal out of it, since arguably the country has never quite recovered from their last little adventure. But I say turn him over to the Mongols and let them have at it the same way they did with the Caliph way back when: they rolled him in a carpet and kicked him to a bloody pulp.

  2. Dave J

    Just a minor correction: Abu Nidal “killed himself” with FOUR, not three, bullets to the head.