Being Ron Jeremy

Not surprisingly, Debka has a different hypothesis on what went down yesterday. Deconstructing from Saddam’s disheveled appearance and “docility”, Debka claims that this ace was ransomed, not captured. Have a read and judge for yourself.
If I’m not mistaken, similar claims were made after we caught that other big fish in Pakistan. You know…weapons and planning guy, stained wifebeater, looks like Ron Jeremy.
Personally, I expect criminals who’ve had to hide out in caves and basements for months, scurrying through tunnels and all, to be in particularly awful-looking shape when we find them. They don’t shower much.
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  1. James

    There are plenty of flaws with that theory…
    Of course he hadn’t shaved or cut his hair – that was part of his disguise! Shaved, with shorter hair, he’s much more recognizable.
    He had $750,000 with him in cash. Why exactly would you leave a CAPTIVE with a fortune?
    He was ARMED. I think only a complete idiot would keep a prisoner armed!
    Apart from that, and the lack of any sensible reason to hold him (hand him over, get $25m – were they trying to hold out for a higher price? Hoping for a bidding war with loyalists?), great theory…